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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-06 11:13:00

Here are some updates on Ring of Honor's contracts that expired as 2016 ended and 2017 began:

Christopher Daniels - Signed to new, longterm deal.

Bobby Fish - The two sides have signed an extension of Fish's previous contract and are currently working on a new longer form deal.

Frankie Kazarian - Was already locked into deal before end of 2016.

Jay Lethal - As previously noted, Lethal has been locked into a new, long term deal.

Kyle O'Reilly - His ROH deal expired on 12/31.  O'Reilly is said to be reviewing his options (translation: WWE and potentially, a deal that could see him sign with Flosports and then be fielded out to wrestling companies on their streaming platform).  His future is undetermined at this time.  The two sides will continue to work on a per date agreement going forward until O'Reilly makes a decision.

Adam Page - A new deal is being finalized but has not yet been signed.  Obviously already working for New Japan as well.

War Machine - We are told that a new deal is being finalized but has not yet been signed.  There is also interest from New Japan in using them more in 2017.

BJ Whitmer - Signed to new deal before end of 2016; no definitive word on length.  One source believed the contact to be one year in length.


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