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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-06 10:00:00

Of course, it’s rumored that the WWE wants the Hardys back (and assumed that Matt and Jeff want to go to WWE). Until we see them on one of the brands, it’s only conjecture and speculation. So let’s play hypothetical Talent Relation

Jeff Hardy has two wellness violations (I think, feel free to correct); when a talent returns to the company under those conditions, it means they are under a “no-tolerance” policy. E.g. one strike and they are terminated. Are there conditions you are aware of that would allow forgiveness of one of those strikes?

According to the WWE Wellness Policy, "Any WWE Talent, who leaves the WWE for any reason with a first or second violation on his/her record, will maintain said violation count on his/her record from the time he/she departs WWE until the time he/she returns, if ever, to the WWE."

Is the Broken Matt Hardy character property of TNA or Matt Hardy? If so, would WWE use something that has been grown outside of their company (like the Demon Finn Balor) or try to modify it in some way to make it similar but different?

I think Matt Hardy can easily make a claim that it is his character, since he developed it and was extremely involved in its creative direction.

The previous two questions assume no conflicts with the current leadership (Triple H, Stephanie, Vince). Although there is a “never say never” mantra with WWE currently, is there any conflicts with bringing in the Hardys?

There's no conflicts with bringing them in, once they are contractually free and clear to do so - and each side wants to work with the other.

Finally, how would you introduce the characters back into storylines?

I would have Matt Hardy command Vanguard-1 to hack Titan Tower so he can control Raw and have vignettes of the Hardys overtaking the building and the broadcast before announcing they will visit Smackdown Live personally the next day, because "WWE is broken" and Matt needs to fix it.

What do you think Vince McMahon thinks of the Hardy character?

I would be shocked if he's seen it.

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