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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-05 10:00:00

How do you feel about Anthem purchasing TNA?

On the surface, I am thrilled because it means a bunch of pro wrestlers hopefully no longer have to worry about losing their jobs and that there will be fresh new wrestling content for fans in the weeks and years to come.  So, in that regard, I am happy, although they are still going to have to create something that people will want to spend money on, during a time period where there is more original, fresh wrestling content then ever before - and with a brand name that, as of this writing, is cold as ice.

I am also happy (well, not happy in the sense that it's a good thing this has happened to her, but happy in a hopeful sense for TNA) that this means Dixie Carter is no longer going to be part of the process of creating that content and steering the ship.  While I have had a nice, professional relationship with Carter over the years, it was apparent that she was the one factor that needed to change in order for TNA to try and move forward.  If it does without her, we will see that she was indeed a major part of the reason why things weren't working.   She did, to her credit, keep it alive for a long time and that should not be forgotten, although you can easily see why so many were privately down on her in recent years.

All that said, with all the talk of vendors and companies that worked with the company still being owed money/suing, etc., none of them should be forgotten either.  Anthem taking over TNA was a golden parachute for the company, but there will undoubtedly be those who got screwed out of money they owed from Impact Ventures, etc. before the story is done being told.  So, for them I am sincerely sad for.  I just hope that whatever butterfly emerges out of the cocoon that was TNA, it's more of a Mothra than a Battra.  There's a reference for you Godzilla fans out there!

I was wondering, do you own a piece of PWInsider?

No.  I'm not sure why this is even a question, but Dave Scherer is and has always been the 100% the owner of  I have worked for the site since the day it launched (well, technically even before it launched) in 2004, but I have no ownership stake in the website in any way, shape or form.   I report, I produce and post audio and video content and I handle some other responsibilities and it's the best job in the world, but I do not own the site.  At the end of the day, it is Dave's. 

I just watched Bring it to the Table on the WWE Network. What a fantastic show. Kudos to the producers of this show for seeing what worked for Pardon the Interruption on ESPN and adding a fan's perspective to it. Your thoughts on the show?

I absolutely hated the show, even though I am excited for the concept of the show.  I felt there were far too many instances of fan opinions being shut down and treated as if they don't matter or were stupid.  If you are broadcasting to paid subscribers who are the most die-hard WWE fans there are, the last thing you should be doing in my opinion is treating them as if they are, to take a page from Chris Jericho's book, stupid idiots.  The basic theme of the show was that no matter how much you don't like the product, you will still watch it, so oh well.  That didn't make me feel entertained as a viewer.  I want to see how future episodes come off, but I thought the first episode left me shaking my head more than it entertained me - and for something that features Paul Heyman and JBL, both of whom I really enjoy, that is saying something.

Do you think Stephanie McMahon's heat on TV is heel heat or "X-Pac" heat? As a heel, I think she does a great job at being the condescending b**ch boss. But at the same time, she dominates TV time, and dominates everyone who is in the segment with her with no chance of getting even. She's not even in a positioned to be threatened or shows fear toward anyone (male or female). The last time she was challenged I believe was against Brie Bella and even then, Stephanie dominated that match. Is it time to show weakness in Stephanie so she doesn't fall into the X-Pac category? Maybe through Ronda Rousey if she does something with WWE, or even by Mick Foley challenging her authority and Steph realizing her wrongs...anything.

You forget about the time Vickie Guerrero tossed her in the mud!  No seriously, McMahon is absolutely great in her role as a heel on television.  It is not "X-Pac" heat (although I hate that term).  The reaction she gets is based on the excellent work she does as a performer.  She shouldn't show any weakness until she's in a rivalry that is built up to the point where WWE can make money by having Stephanie being embarassed.  She isn't in that type of story right now, so it makes no sense to try and force the issue.  By keeping her as the condenscending character, they have her in position until it's time to start that storyline.

Whatever happened to the Destruction Crew, Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom?

They grew up to be The Beverly Brothers in the WWE, then Enos went on to work singles for WCW.  They still appear from time to time at conventions together.

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