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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-02 18:28:00

Austrian website KRONE reported today that former WWE champion Alberto El Patron/Del Rio was arrested on Friday 12/30 after wrestling in Leoben, Austria as a result of a brawl he and his brother, El Hijo del Dos Cara got into a nightclub.  The article claimed that the person they got into the brawl with ended up hospitalized. There was no indication as to what sparked the brawl and who was at fault for instigating it. has confirmed that the arrest did indeed take place and that the situation led to Alberto being delayed at least 24 hours from leaving the country.

The article (based on Google translation from German to English) states that authorities needed to use ankle cuffs as handcuffs on Alberto after Alberto easily broke wire ties that were initially used to restrain him.  The article also reported that after he and his brother were brought to the police headquarters, they themselves got into a fistfight with each other that required 10 police officers to get involved. 

The article noted that after that fight, there was blood on the walls of the station that would need to be re-painted and that furniture in the station was destroyed during the melee.  It also noted that Hijo del Dos Cara required a hospital visit after his fight with Alberto.

Obviously, Alberto is now back in the United States as he was in Tampa earlier today, seen by fans picking Paige up from Monday Night Raw in Tampa, Florida.

The arrest was the third incident involving Alberto in as many months.

Several weeks ago, Alberto got into a backstage brawl at a lucha libre event in Mexico after lucha star Rafy allegedly spoke or touched Paige in an inappropriate manner backstage.

Back in October, Alberto missed a major AAA event after he claimed he had been attacked and stabbed by a homeless man in San Antonio, Texas.  No police report of the incident was ever found.

There is no word whether Alberto and Hijo will need to return to Austria to face legal proceedings.

Thanks to Marvin Weyer.

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