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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-02 15:33:00

Jay Lethal confirmed our report that he has signed a new deal with Ring of Honor during an interview with, noting he has signed a two year deal.  So, he is locked in with the company until January 2019.

Steve Corino's Ring of Honor deal officially expired on 12/31, so he is gone from the company and all signs are he will be WWE Performance Center bound as a trainer.  That is a great role for him. 

Corino is in Tokyo for New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom, which looks to be his final time teaming with Kevin Kelly.  They were a great pair together.  We will have ongoing live coverage of the show this Tues night/Wednesday morning here on

Expect Cheeseburger to pop up again the New Japan Legends Rumble this Wednesday.

The latest episode of ROH TV will stream starting tonight for free on the Fite App, which you can download for free to your desktop, cell phone, Samsung Smart TV, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices by clicking here.  The Fite App can be used to stream a ton of free pro wrestling, MMA, boxing and martial arts events as well as PPV events from ROH, including the ROH Anniversary show this March.   You can also use the app to stream events from your cell phone to your Roku device as long as they are on the same wifi network, allowing you to stream to any television connected to your Roku.

ROH released the following:



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