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By Dave Scherer on 2017-01-02 10:00:00

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Should WWE reduce the commentary team on the main roster back to a two-man team?

In my opinion, yes.  In Vince McMahon’s opinion, no.

All this speculation about who the "La Luchadora" will be. And maybe it is just my eyes, but when they showed a closeup of her in the mask, it seemed clear to me that the person was black. So it could not be most of whom I have heard are suspected. And it did not look at all like Naomi.  Who do you think it is..or will be? Could it be the Black Scorpion's wife? lol

I have no idea right now but keep in mind that if they unmask her, it could be someone else.  It doesn’t have to be the woman that played her last Tuesday.

What is the general feeling backstage on the PPV-bonuses considering the buyrates are much lower now a days with a lot more people going for the Network instead of buying PPVs old school style?

Much lower is a nice way to put it.  Yeah, no one is excited about it but the company made the change so that is how it’s going to be.  The talents always knew that the bonuses were at the discretion of management.  So now, it’s incumbent on the worker to negotiate more guaranteed money, if possible.

Where do you believe The Undertaker is heading, considering they are building Styles v Cena for RR? 

Just as the fans at Smackdown chanted at TV on Tuesday, he’s headed for John Cena.  I just hope that AJ Styles and the WWE Title are not part of that match.  Those two are legends and they don’t need the belt in their match.

Is there any way we're NOT getting Lesnar v Goldberg III for Wrestlemania?

I think the only way that happens is if one of them gets hurt or decides to not wrestle.  Otherwise, it’s on and I expect it to get its next storyline advancement at The Royal Rumble.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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