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By Mike Johnson on 2016-12-31 10:00:00

I have a question regarding the booking of heels. Why is it that 'creative' often books heels as cheaters? Owens, Miz, even New Day cheated so many times to retain their belts in recent months. I know it is easy heat, but it makes them look so weak and the titles get irrelevant. They did a much better job with AJ Styles.  Is it just bad booking or does a guy like Styles have an influence on storylines?

Styles still cheats to win quite a bit.  What it comes down to is that Vince McMahon's vision of what a heel should be is someone who cheats to win.  I think that there are times that the heels should show that they are great wrestlers and can win on their own merit, but that's not how WWE currently showcases the majority of the top heels.

Quick question . .the Raw announcer called it the WWE Raw tag champs..New Day say they are The WWE WORLD Tag Team  Camps. ...but the screen on Raw said WWE tag what is it?

Choice D - All of the above.

Is there any way we're NOT getting Lesnar v Goldberg III for Wrestlemania?

Well, if there's an injury, there would be no match, but certainly, Goldberg vs. Lesnar is in the cards for the show.

Do you think that NXT would benefit from having the title defended at Wrestlemania, or should it be kept for TakeOver events only?

I think we are getting to the point that NXT deserves to have a slot at Wrestlemania.  In a perfect world, they could do a match at Takeover where the winner gets the title shot the next day at the PPV.

Do you ever think WWE would bring Michael Hayes back as an announcer?

While I have no doubt that Hayes would be great in that role, he has far more important responsibilities for the company, so no.

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