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By Mike Johnson on 2016-12-30 10:00:00

How do you feel about Scott Dawson saying on Twitter that he and Dash Wilder are the best team in wrestling because they didn't have the Internet pushing them and they didn't have writers promoting them and made it to WWE on their own?  It sounds like he's bitter to me.  What about you?

I think there is a world of difference between being bitter and having a chip on your shoulder because you have succeeded in a really hard career path.  To me, Dawson is right.  He was working independents that weren't being given a huge light by online sites.  He wasn't someone who was getting his work trumpeted online by writers, but he made it to the point that WWE themselves said he had the best match of the year.  If that isn't cause to remind everyone that you did this on your own, without being an Internet darling, I don't know what would be.  He succeeded based on his work ethic.  So did Dash Wilder.  No one can make excuses for them.  That is something to be proud of and if they choose to thumb it in the eyes of people they feel didn't give them a chance, I don't take issue with it.

Now all that said, let's not forget Dalton is an old school heel, so everything he is saying could be him just trying to get a rise out of smarter fans as a way to lather them into disliking him, since his job is to NOT BE LIKED.

Where has Kane been?

Although he hasn't been used on TV much, he is very much part of the Smackdown roster.

I was reading Mike Johnson's account of the recent WWE at MSG show and I am wondering when will drug test him.  It's obvious Mike is on something if thinks the Miz has turned into this great athlete and wrestler.  Sad to see Mike, who used to be on the cutting edge, fall to some addiction and lose his clarity.  I am sitting here in North Carolina shaking my head.

First, if you aren't able to see how great of an all around performer The Miz has become - from getting real heat on the mic to his timing in the ring to his facial reactions - you are the one who might need a littl clarity.  He has matured into a hell of a performer and is far better now than he was when he was headlining Wrestlemania against John Cena.    He's not the guy from MTV anymore.  He's a great utility player WWE can put into any position and expect him to carry the ball.

Second,  if you are in NC and weren't inside MSG this week, how can you comment on whether I was right or not?  I guess you can tell me when you fly up to drug test me.  Anytime you want me to pee in a bottle for a drug test, feel free pay for the test.  I'll pass with about 10 seconds' notice.

Do you think we'll ever see Trish Stratus vs. Sasha Banks, Charlotte, etc.?

I'd really like to hope so, because those are certainly dream matches, but she is pregnant with her second child and would obviously have far more important things to deal with after her new baby is born, as family should come first.  It's possible it could happen a year or so down the line as a special attraction, but there's no guarantee it ever happens.

I am watching some old NWA/WCW TV and I was wondering, who were the Russian Assassins?

Jack Victory and Dave Sheldon aka The Angel of Death.

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