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By Mike Johnson on 2016-12-29 11:18:00

Based on conversations with numerous sources, all signs are that Anthem Sports & Entertainment will officially become the owners of Impact Wrestling and its parent company, assets, etc. on 1/1/17, so expect some form of an official announcement then.  It is expected there will be an official meeting of some sort with the locker room next week in Orlando.

Anthem has continued to have conversations with Jeff Jarrett but there is no sign they have come to any form of a deal for him to return to the company in any official capacity.  Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling promotion ran an event last night as part of a private function and Jarrett has been regularly going to Los Angeles for work on potential GFW broadcast deals.

Anthem are also working on locking talents who's deals expire in early 2017, including The Hardy Boys and Drew Galloway to new deals.

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