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By Mike Johnson on 2016-12-27 13:12:00

While I have nothing to confirm this is happening, there is a belief among some that I've heard from in the last 24 hours that an official announcement that Anthem Sports and Entertainment has officially purchased TNA and its parent company Impact Ventures LLC from Dixie Carter.    There's been a lot of speculation as to what this means for Carter going forward, but the expectation of all I've spoken to is that she's done with the company in terms of having any true position of power and Ed Nordholm of Anthem will be the lead person going forward.  We've heard Nordholm is very business-oriented.  He has been favorably talked about by several TNA talents.

This Thursday's Impact Wrestling will be the Hardy New Year with lots from the Hardy compound.  We are told there will be something unique on the show that has never been done on pro wrestling TV before.

Tainted Dreams, the series that follows the behind the scenes of a soap opera starring Jesse Godderz, is now available on Amazon Prime.  The official promotional details for the series notes: "The drama behind the drama. The show follows the cast & crew of the fictitious soap opera, "Painted Dreams." When the director yells cut, the drama on camera doesn't come close to the fireworks that happen behind-the-scenes. Loosely based on experiences of show creator, Sonia Blangiardo's 20+yrs experience working as director/producer on daytime dramas; AMC, OLTL, ATWT, GH, & currently DOOL."

The company is absolutely moving forward with plans for house shows next year.

TNA returns to Orlando, Florida for TV tapings starting 1/5 through 1/12.  The company will tape 12 episodes of Impact as well as broadcast a live One Night Only PPV and additional material.


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