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By Dave Scherer on 2016-12-27 10:00:00

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David Bautista has done pretty well for himself, getting cast in some hit movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Spectre, and now Blade Runner 2049.  With WWE so lukewarm to his previous run, how possible do you see them collaborating again? Do you think Bautista is better off pursuing acting and letting wrestling be in his past? Or do you see a Goldberg circa 2016 type hero's welcome in the future?

Given how he was vocal about not enjoying the creative that they had for him on his last run, I think we have gotten to the point where it’s completely Batista’s call whether he comes back or not.  If he does, I think he will be the one setting the terms for the return.  At this point though, at his age and with his movie career taking off, I put any kind of significant return at 50/50 at best.

Roadblock.  So much bogusosity! When Sami Zayn and Strowman was out with Foley, why was the ref not doing a count (like he did later on?)  I just don't believe that Sasha couldn't take it for 3 more seconds. And when they were tied at the end, why didn't they just declare Sasha the winner? It was all just so obvious!  I know that Bayley will probably be next in line, but when do you think Nia Jax will get her shot?  But I am glad that they finally gave Neville something to do.  Is it just me, or are they giving Kevin Owens too many weiner-like qualities with his association with Jericho. It seemed like he was a lot better, stronger, and more believable before he got hooked up with Jericho. I don't see how his association with Jericho is benefitting him.

I can’t defend much about the booking of Roadblock but in the case of Sasha and Charlotte, since it was promoted as their last battle, once things got tied up, I can understand them going into sudden death.  But, I am with you.  Sasha should have never tapped with two seconds left.  If anything, she should have passed out.  Everything else I agree with, especially the poor booking of Kevin Owens.  As for Jax, I could see her getting a shot at the champion after Bayley and Charlotte finish.

Is it really worth it getting called up to the main roster from NXT? You can very easily get buried in the mid-card or "creative" might not find anything for you to do (don't get me started on talents being released because "Creative" can't do anything with them and then continue to collect a paycheck, unscathed). It seems as if the NXT talent probably wouldn't want to get called up. I know I wouldn't. I'm sure Tyler Breeze and Bayley (to some extent) can attest to that. Just because HHH believes in you doesn't mean that VKM does. Have you heard anything on the backstage vibes/feedback to getting called up to the main roster? I'm sure it's the excitement of being the next breakout star combined with dread being let go/fired, since it could go either way.

Well, I can tell you this.  Most wrestlers have the dream of working on the main roster.  There are some that just want to make as much money as they can and/or perform for the art of it, but most have the goal of making the big time.  With that said, as time goes by and more NXT talent gets used poorly on the main roster, it is becoming more of an issue for some as to whether they want to go to the main roster.  For some talents, being at the top of the card in NXT could be a better slot, especially if the NXT brand continues to grow.  If a guy could work the NXT schedule at the top of the card vs. being lower card on one of the main brands for around the same money, staying in NXT would be appealing (I know it would be to me).  We also have to be fair and realize that in some cases, talents have done all that they can in NXT and have to move along.  Sometimes, it leads to the end of their WWE run.

Is there a better wrestler who has never wrestled in the WWE then the Great Muta? Sting, Joe, Styles, hell even Jushin Liger have competed for WWE now. People say there are no Dream matches left but possibly a dream moment having Muta as a surprise for the Rumble? I know newer fans won't know him but the old school fan in me wants to see Muta at least once in a WWE ring.

I loved Muta (and his alter ego Keiji Muto) but I would have to say yes, there are indeed.  Right off the bat I would put Mitsuharu Misawa, Kenta Kobashi and Toshiaki Kawada over Muta.  

What was the specific reason that forced Nigel McGuiness to retire, and is there any chance for him to return to the ring for at least one match and finally achieve his WWE dream?

He retired due to contracting Hepatitis.  He talked about it in-depth in his excellent documentary: The Last Of McGuinness.  You can get your copy by going to

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