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By Mike Johnson on 2016-12-24 10:00:00

Will the new UK championship be defended on RAW or Smackdown and PPV's or will it strictly be the reward for the tournament? If defended, will being from the UK remain a requirement as it is with the tournament or will it be open to anyone like the European title was?

It's an entire new world when it comes to the UK championship and the talents involved, so we don't now exactly how WWE will handle it beyond the idea that WWE wants to do a weekly series coming out of the tournament at some point.  I think the past has shown that we'll see Raw, Smackdown, etc. used to promote and market the new UK-centric brand, however.

I just read your report that Lita is no longer with WWE. Was this her choosing or did WWE let her go? It would seem crazy to think that they didnt have some place for her. Her pre-show hosting was really good, I thought, and she obviously has a lot to offer younger talents. Especially the women coming up through NXT. Just seems crazy...

WWE released her.

What is the likelihood Jericho wins the rumble this year? While I prefer the idea of a younger talent winning, it would be a nice appreciation to award Jericho for his stellar career and loyalty to WWE and to set up Jericho vs KO for the title at Mania.

One would think that Owens vs. Finn Balor makes the most sense, but certainly WWE has done a good job of teasing the eventual Chris Jericho vs. Owens rivalry.  It's possible, but I don't believe it' a frontrunner.  Nothing is certain until the day of the PPV, however.

Wouldn't it make more sense to have the cruisers on Smackdown given that 205 Live airs live right after Smackdown? Not only from a logistic standpoint but also from a story telling standpoint? Having them on SD, they could air angles that could bleed over into 205 Live, hopefully carrying over more of both the TV and live audience. It seems like a no brainer but am I missing something?

The Cruisers are on Raw because Raw has more time to fill, therefore they need more talent.

After seeing the post-smackdown video of Carmella with a large lump on her forehead and then the photo she posted of herself online with a black-eye and bruises covering her you think Nikki Bella took some unnecessary liberties on Carmella on Smackdown? I know it's a physical business but for only being a simple brawl spot, Carmella looked like she'd been in a car accident. It seems like the aftermath points to an unprofessional Bella. Is there any real life heat?

No.  It's a physical business.  Things happen.

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