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By Dave Scherer on 2016-12-25 10:00:00

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I have read where the plan for last Wrestlemania was supposed to have Cena facing the Undertaker, and that they may go with it for the upcoming Wrestlemania. I have one question though; WHY?  WWE (Vince) has always wanted Cena to be captain good guy and superman and, beyond children and some female fans, an ever-growing number of people have become vocally disapproving and turned on Cena. So, does the Undertaker have to be the heel? Because I don't think that would work at all.  The majority of fans would want him to destroy Cena, and if Cena beats the Undertaker it will make him disliked even more. Now, if they were to turn Cena, that would provide the best way to do it. Maybe have him cheat to win and get MASSIVE heat.

I don’t think that you have to have a heel or face in this match.  Two legends having a match is a good enough storyline to me.

Why did WWE invest in FloSports?

Probably for the same reason that they invested in Tout.  It’s sometimes worth it to make a small investment in something that could take off, knowing that the odds of that happening may be slim.  High risk/high reward.

Do you think WWE will give Apollo Crews a chance in 2017?  His match on Smackdown versus The Miz was good and it was just a glimpse of what he can do inside the ring.  It was his best WWE work to date in my opinion.  Your thoughts?

I hope that they do.  The guy is really, really talented.  He has been used ridiculously badly since his debut.  I would love to see him get a real chance.

Given how Vince McMahon has booked the top heels in recent years (ie. Rollins, Owens, Styles) as cowards, are you worried that when the top heels in NXT (ie. Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode) move up to the main roster, they will be booked in the same cowardly manner?

At this point, absolutely.  I wish he would watch NXT TV and see how The Revival are booked.  Heels cheat.  That is what they do.  But, they don’t have to be cowards in the process.  It means a lot more when a babyface that beats a heel that is seen as his equal, who also cheats for an advantage.  I

Has WWE had any interest in bring back Brooke Adams to the company? She had a great run in TNA, and could probably bring more to the women's division.

I haven’t heard any talk of that and I don’t know that she is even interested.  She is a mother now and going on the road may not be something she has any desire to do.

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