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By Mike Johnson on 2016-12-22 10:00:00

Do you see the cruiserweight title taking the spot of the obligatory multi-man ladder match at WrestleMania this year? It would certainly provide the chaotic car crash match and will be a great showcase for the new brand.

It certainly could be that the Cruiserweight championship replaces the former Money in the Bank or Intercontinental championship ladder match in that slot.  I personally could see it happening, so that WWE can get everyone on the PPV, but I really hope we'll see a major Cruiserweight championship singles bout.  With so many talented wrestlers, there are lots of ways the company can go.

Now that New Day broke the record and should dropped the titles, but what do you do next with the team? Do they break up and feud? Do they turn more into a stable (I like this idea) and have each other's back while chasing after individual belts? Or do you break them up with brand trades to avoid feuds?

I don't see the point in breaking up the team when there are so many aspects of the trio that drive revenue for the company in other avenues.   The loss should toughen them up a bit and give them a goal to strive for, from a story aspect, not be the beginning of the end, in my opinion.

Now that Raw and Smackdown are live back to back days, what's going to happen when one day the shows fall on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

My gut feeling is that the shows will be pre-taped, likely a week before.

Have any wrestlers gotten married after online dating?

You know, this may be the oddest question I've ever received.  My answer is I don't know and really, neither should you.

What do you think of the idea of a Grand Theft Auto style "open world" adventure game within the world of WWE?  The South Park games have shown how cool such a concept could be and I'd love to play, say, Brock Lesnar in Suplex City, etc.

That is an absolutely awesome idea.  I hope someone from 2K is reading and steals the idea.  There are so many things you could do with WWE personas in such a game, everything from training for matches or exploring environments to traveling, etc. 

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