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By Dave Scherer on 2016-12-19 10:00:00

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Are Tyler Breeze and Fandango being punished for something? They're a comedy act now.

They are just victims of bad booking and not having anyone go to bat for them.  Where Breeze is concerned, he has been booked poorly since he came to the main roster.  They have wasted him.

So I read that Hogan received $31 mil from Gawker.  My question is, was there any investigation into who actually leaked the Hogan sex tape?  If you ask the cliches of "who had the opportunity" and"who stood to gain the most" the answers are Hogan and Bubba themselves.  They both have egos that need lost of money to support.

It has been reported that an angry ex-employee of Bubba’s was the one who released it.

Eva Marie had a fun gimmick where she would come up with some excuse to not wrestle.  However, when she does step inside the ring, she is still very raw.  With the focus nowadays on women's wrestling, Eva doesn't seem to have a place at the top of the women's division, where the top women are having cage matches and iron man matches.    She seems more suited for the valet role we see effectively done by Lana and Maryse.  When Eva makes her return to regular TV, what role do you put her in, wrestler or valet?  Or do you pair her up with someone like Nia Jax, who can do her dirty work for her while she sits back and gets heat?

It all depends on if she has improved in the ring.  If she hasn’t, she can have a Lana/Maryse kind of role and be fine.  She is so good looking that she definitely has a place on the show.  

Has the WWE shot themselves in the foot with the way they've booked Ziggler over the last few years? In my opinion, Ziggler-Styles SHOULD be a huge draw! As a fan of both of these amazing performers, if this was headlining a PPV on the network, I would consider subscribing to see this match. But, I'll be honest, last night when Ziggler became the #1 contender, my level of anticipation for the match had a very low ceiling because of the lack of unpredictability. Over the years, Ziggler will get booked for THE big match but never actually win (the ONLY exception to this has been his match with Miz at No Mercy). Why am I supposed to assume this will be any different. For a while, we saw the same thing with Bray Wyatt. Has WWE screwed themselves out of the potential booking and drawing power of a stellar athlete like Ziggler?

I couldn’t agree more with you on that.  We saw the same thing when Ziggler took on Dean Ambrose at SummerSlam.  The match was great but the fans didn’t think Ziggler had a chance, so they didn’t react.  Then they did a great job of having him beat Miz with his career on the line, only to make him a loser again.  They have booked him really, really badly.

Tye Dillinger debuting on the main roster at no. 10 in the Royal Rumble.  Too awesome or too predictable?

I think it would be a little soon for that.  Tye needs a good run down in NXT before he is brought up to the main roster.  I like him a lot and want to see him get some momentum so that when he gets to to main roster, he has a real chance.  

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