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By Eric Denton on 2016-12-18 10:12:00

Road trippin' to Vegas from So. Cal. Missed Thursdays local show. 

I'm bad at guessing crowd size. Arena holds 12,000. It's probably at 25% but crowd was into it.

We vote for a classic NXT match to watch as a preshow. Rollins vs Jinder, Zayn vs Neville or Sasha vs Bayley. Ladies win the poll and we join Takeover: Brooklyn already in progress. 

1. No Way Jose vs Andrade Cieñ Almas

Typical opener. Lots of heel stalling. NWJ danced.  NWJ with a punch to the face as Almas jumps off the top rope then hits his finish for the pin (or so I was told. you don't buy beer, you rent it). 

2. Tino Sabatelli & Riddick Moss vs. Patrick Clark & Biff Busick

Clark who's gimmick is Prince meets "The Lsst Dragon", he's dressed like the Ricky Steamboat LGN action figure. He plays babyface in peril, hot tag to Biff. Biff cleans house. Sabbatelli sneeks in the ring and delivers a chop block to Biff. Sets up their finisher. Moss holds Biff up in a reverse spinbuster with Sabbetelli hitting a running bulldog for pin.

3. Liv Morgan vs. Aaliya

Ladies worked hard but both are still greener than goose shit. 5-10 minutes of messy offense & reversals. Morgan wins with a bulldog.


#DIY vs The Revival

Big pops for both teams. Crowd is hyped for this one. This match is so fun. 

Revival do all the old school cheap heat heel moves and it's awesome. As per usual it's a back n' forth affair until Gargano gets worked over. "DIY" and "Johnny Wrestling/Psycho Killer" chants abound. 

Hot tag to Ciampa as he destroys Revival until they regain control and double team Ciampa. Blind tag to Johnny. He takes control briefly with a bulldog. Back & forth action picks up. Lots of near falls. Revival botches a heart attack (then redo it ????) Ciampa gets Wilder in arm bar for tap out win to retain NXT tag titles. Really good performance from both teams despite no TV. DIY takes pictures with ringside fans. Match went about 20 mins.


5. Elias Sampson vs. Tye Dillinger

Sampson sings and gets some "delete" chants. Aaaaand everybody loves the number 10. Dillinger takes the mic and says "this is the end of our tour" and gets jumped. Sampson gets in some early offense but Tye takes over. "10" is over. "Drift Away" chants at Sampson. Sampson brings his guitar in the ring but Dillinger catches him with his AA-neckbreaker for the 1,2,3.

6. Wesley Blake comes out dressed like stupid idiot. "Who are you", ""Delete" chants. Blake says LV is garbage (just like this segment). Garbage is his catchphrase. Blake challenges Dillinger to a match. Blake's jacket shoots out streamers. Bell rings. Superkick 1,2,3 Dillinger wins.


7. Ember Moon vs Asuka

Very very good match. Crowd is into it like it's a real fight. Ember Moon really shined. Moon jumps off the top rope and eats a knee from Asuka. Moon is put into Asuka lock for the tap. Both women should be on the main roster. 

Samoa Joe comes out to say William Regal won't let him fight tonight but he will be the outside enforcer. 


8.  Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Crowd sings both theme songs and chants "both these guys". Nakamura works over Roode for a bit. Roode regains the upper hand after Joe pulls Nakamura out of the ring & gives him a clothesline on the outside. Nakamura thrown inside. Roode on offense with some suplexes, crowd taunting and a rest hold chinlock. Too much showboating by Roode doing some of Shinsuke's signature moves. Nakamura retaliates with running boot and knee drop to Roode on the apron. Nakamura misses another knee and Roode goes for a pin with foot on the ropes, ref stops the count. Nakamura puts Roode in an arm bar. Joe jumps on the apron, ref doesn't see Roode tap. Nakamura throws Roode into Joe. Knee from top rope then shinshazka for the pin.

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