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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-12-15 00:00:00

It is time for the Annual Tribute to the Troops, presented by WWE. 

Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon welcome everyone to Tribute to the Troops.  Shane says they will put aside their differences.  Stephanie says they will present the best show possible for the Armed Forces who protect and serve our country.  Shane says it is the least they can do to thank the troops for their service.

We see footage from previous Tribute to the Troops.

Lillian Garcia is in the ring to perform the Star Spangled Banner.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring.

We are in Washington, DC and your announcers are Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and John Layfield.

Roman says that he is proud to say that he is the United States Champion.  The real heroes and champions are all of you.  Roman says he wanted to kick off the show and say on behalf of everyone in the WWE . . . Thank You.

Kevin Owens interrupts and he makes his way to the stage.

Kevin tells Roman that what he just did was a classy move.  It is admirable to come out and thank everyone for their service.  Kevin says Roman forgot to thank one very important and special person . . . Kevin Owens.

Kevin says everyone should be thanking him for carrying Raw on his back every week and on top of that, being the longest reigning WWE Universal Champion in history.

Roman says Kevin just doesn’t get it.  It is not about Kevin.  It has never been about him.  It is about the men and women who serve this country and make this country great.

Kevin says that is the thing.  He is not from this country, Kevin says he is from Canada.  Kevin says it is always about him.  It is always the Kevin Owens Show.  It is because he is the WWE Universal Champion . . . BELIEVE THAT.

Roman says he won’t be champion for long.
Kevin corrects Roman and he says that Roman has no chance of leaving Roadblock as the Universal Champion.  Kevin says Roman is lucky the US title is not on the line because he would win that too, take it back to Canada, put a Maple Leaf on it and call the title the WWE Canadian Title.
Roman tells Kevin they don’t have to wait so why not throw it down right now. 

Kevin makes his way to the ring and . . .

Rusev’s music plays and he makes his way to the stage with Lana.

Rusev says there is much worse things than being Canadian.  It is being from the USA.  Rusev says enough of this trash.  Rusev says he is here to talk about Bulgaria.  They have much better traditions, culture, and people than all of you.  Rusev says he is here to talk about his wife Lana.

Rusev kisses Lana.
Roman calls this pathetic and he wants a soldier to come down and show Rusev how to kiss like a real man.

Lana says it is a typical response from a pathetic American and this village.  Lana says everyone is jealous that no other man can have her.

Roman says it sucks for him.

Rusev says he is the greatest man on the planet.  It will suck for Roman because he will crush him like he crushed Enzo.

Roman says he is not going anywhere and if you want to do something about it, you and KO can do something about it.

Rusev goes to the ring with Owens and Reigns is alone in the ring until . . .
Enzo and Colin’s music plays and Colin Cassady comes to the ring to join forces with Roman.

Mick Foley comes out and says they should give everyone in the arena the match they deserve.  Mick says in the main event, it will be Rusev and Kevin Owens versus Roman Reigns and Colin Cassady.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One:  Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson versus Epico and Primo versus Goldust and R Truth versus Cesaro and Sheamus in a Number One Contender Match

Sheamus and Gallows start things off and they lock up.  Sheamus with a side head lock and Gallows with a shoulder tackle.  Sheamus with a Finlay Slam and he goes after Anderson but Karl avoids it.  Goldust tags in after Gallows punches Sheamus.  Goldust with punches and a drop down uppercut.  Epico tags in and Goldust with a punch.

Goldust with a boot and he goes to the turnbuckles for a rana and spinebuster.  Primo comes in and Goldust clotheslines Primo over the top rope to the floor.  Goldust with a wrist lock.  Goldust with a back body drop and he gets a near fall.  Goldust with an Irish whip and Primo makes the save when Goldust goes for a splash and then Epico sends Goldust shoulder first into the ring post and he goes to the floor.
We go to commercial.

We are back and Primo kicks Goldust in the ribs and then Gallows tags in while Primo hits a splash to Goldust.  Gallows with punches and an uppercut.  Gallows with a round kick and he gets a near fall.  Gallows with a reverse chin lock but Goldust with punches.  Gallows with a punch to Goldust and then a punch to Truth.  Anderson tags in and hits a back breaker followed by an elbow from Gallows and Anderson gets a near fall.  Gallows with a thrust kick to Sheamus but Cesaro with a drop kick.  Epico with a drop kick to Cesaro.  Goldust with a power slam to Epico.

Truth and Primo tag in and Truth with a leg lariat and split.  Truth with a kick and a scissors kick for a near fall.  Primo with a jaw breaker and Cesaro tags in and he hits running European uppercuts on Primo and Truth.  Ceasro with a corkscrew plancha and then he hits a running European uppercut to Primo and he hits a cross body for a near fall.  Cesaro signals for the giant swing and Epico tries for a sunset flip but Ceasro goes after Epico.  Primo with a lungblower but Sheamus tags in and hits a Brogue Kick on Primo but Epico breaks it up.  Sheamus with another Brogue Kick for the three count.

Winners:  Cesaro and Sheamus

Miz and Maryse walk in the back.  We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the wrestlers visiting with the troops.

Miz is in the ring with Maryse. 

Miz says to all of the members of the Armed Forces, he cannot say how happy he is to be an inspiration for everyone as the star of the Marine film franchise.  If you loved Marine 3 and 4, wait until you get a load of Marine 5, coming out early next year.

On day 29 of the Miz’ Intercontinental Championship Reunion Tour, he wants to inspire all of you.  Miz says he is making an open challenge to anyone in the back.
Gabriel Iglesias makes his way onto the stage. 

Miz says this is an open challenge, not open mic night so he tells him to Fluff out of here.

Gabriel says that he is not the one wearing bedazzled underwear in front of the WWE Universe and it looks like someone is cold.  Gabriel says the only thing that Miz is inspiring is the desire to receive a beating that is awesome.  Gabriel says he has just the man to do it.

Apollo Crews comes out.

Match Number Two:  Apollo Crews (with Gabriel Iglesias) versus Miz (with Maryse) in an Open Challenge Non Title Match

Maryse distracts Crews and Miz with kicks.  Miz does the Yes Gesture to mock Daniel Bryan.  Miz with a running drop kick into the corner.  Crews with punches and Miz with Reality Check and Miz gets a near fall.  Miz sets for the Awesome Clothesline and he hits it but Crews holds on and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Gabriel takes a selfie with Maryse and Miz tells him to delete it but Gabriel takes one with Miz.  Crews with a jumping enzuigiri and then Gabriel takes another selfie.  Crews with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Apollo Crews

After the match, Miz tells Apollo that it was not a Championship match so he is still the champion.

We go to commercial.

We are back with some members of the military sending messages to their families.

Match Number Three:  Dolph Ziggler, Chad Gable, and Jason Jordan versus Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt, and Randy Orton

Harper and Jordan start things off and they lock up.  Jordan goes for a suplex but Harper with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Jordan and Harper block hip tosses and Jordan with a drop kick.  Wyatt pulls Harper to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Harper sends Jordan into the turnbuckles and Orton tags in.  Orton with a kick and suplex for a near fall.  Orton with a reverse chin lock.  Orton with a knee to the midsection.  Jordan goes for a sunset flip but Orton holds on to the ropes.  Ziggler tags in and he hits a clothesline and splash into the corner followed by a neck breaker.  Ziggler sets for the elbow drop but Wyatt grabs Ziggler and Orton hits Ziggler from behind.  Orton drops Ziggler across the top rope.  Wyatt kicks Ziggler and slams him.  Wyatt with a back senton for a near fall.  Harper tags back in and he kicks Ziggler.  Harper with an elbow drop and he walks around Ziggler and hits another one.  Harper walks around Ziggler again and hits another elbow drop.  Harper with a Gator Roll and bridge for a near fall.
Orton tags in and kicks Ziggler.  Orton runs his boot across the face.  Orton punches Ziggler but Ziggler with a flurry of punches.  Orton with a power slam.  Harper tags in and he kicks Ziggler while Orton runs interference to prevent Ziggler from getting to his corner.  Ziggler with an uppercut and boot to Harper.  Harper charges into the corner but Ziggler moves and Harper hits the ring post.

Wyatt and Gable tag in and Gable with a punch to Wyatt and a drop kick to Orton and then Wyatt.  Gable punches Wyatt and then he hits a cross body onto Harper and he punches Harper.  Gable blocks the uranage and Gable with a German suplex for a near fall.  Jordan clotheslines Orton but Harper kicks Jordan.  Ziggler with a super kick to Harper.  Wyatt takes care of Ziggler and then Gable comes off the ropes and Wyatt with a uranage and then Wyatt sets for Sister Abigail but he decides to tag in Orton and Wyatt passes Gable to Orton for an RKO and the three count.

Winners:  Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Randy Orton

Bayley is in the back with a Charlie, a vet dog training to be a service dog. 
Charlotte and Dana Brooke stop by.

Bayley says they don’t have a lot in common other than hanging around dogs.
Dana says that Bayley will find out that her bite is worse than her bark.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four:  Bayley versus Dana Brooke (with Charlotte)

They lock up and Dana backs Bayley into the corner and connects with a back elbow.  Dana kicks Bayley and hits a splash for a near fall.  Dana with an arm bar and she turns it into a modified bow and arrow.  Bayley kicks Dana but Dana holds on to the wrist lock.  Bayley with a clothesline and punches.  Bayley backs Dana into the corner and connects with shoulders.  Bayley with a running elbow into the corner.  Charlotte pulls Dana to the floor when Bayley goes for a belly-to-belly suplex. 

Dana trips Bayley and slams her into the apron.  Bayley with a baseball slide to Dana and then Bayley goes to the floor and has something to say to Charlotte.  Bayley sends Dana into Charlotte and Charlotte goes down.  Bayley sends Dana into the ring and Bayley with a belly-to-belly suplex for the three count.

Winner:  Bayley

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five:  TJ Perkins, Rich Swann, and Jack Gallagher versus Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, and Brian Kendrick

Perkins and Kendrick start things off and Perkins with a European uppercut and forearm.  Kendrick with a forearm and Perkins with a waist lock.  Kendrick with a standing switch and he tries to set for the Captain’s Hook.  Perkins hangs in the ropes and Kendrick charges and he goes to the floor when Perkins moves.  Gulak goes to the floor as well.  Swann with a corkscrew splash off the turnbuckles. Nese with a Fosbury Flop onto Swann.  Gallagher sets for a dive but he stops and hits an elbow off the apron. 

Perkins with a slingshot senton for a near fall.  Perkins chops Kendrick and kicks him.  Gulak with a punch from the apron and Kendrick gets a near fall.  Kendrick with an elbow to the back of the head.  Gulak with boots to Perkins for a near fall.  Gulak with a reverse Sharpshooter and then he pulls Perkins into the corner and Nese tags in.
Nese kicks Perkins and applies a rear chin lock.  Perkins with a cross body and both men are down.  Nese keeps Perkins from making the tag and he drops an elbow to the back.  Gulak tags in and kicks Perkins and he gets a near fall.  Gulak with a reverse chin lock and then he applies a chicken wing and chin lock.  Gulak with an Irish whip but Perkins gets his boot up. Perkins knocks Kendrick off the apron.  Perkins kicks Gulak away and Swann tags in.

Swann with clotheslines and a back heel kick followed by a double stomp to the back and Rolling Thunder for a near fall.  Nese breaks up the cover and Gallagher with a head butt to knock Nese to the floor.  Kendrick Irish whips Gallagher but Gallagher with a headstand.  Gallagher kicks Kendrick away.  Swann and Perkins with super kicks to Kendrick.  Perkins drop kicks Nese off the apron.

Swann with a back heel kick for the three count.

Winners:  Jack Gallagher, TJ Perkins, and Rich Swann

We see footage of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.  They talk about the emotion of being at the ceremony and Stephanie says this symbolizes what Tribute to the Troops is about.

We go to commercial.

We are back with photos of the WWE wrestlers in Afghanistan.

The New Day talk about Cesaro and Sheamus on the same page.  Now they are starting to gel.  Kofi says they feel different since they became the longest reigning WWE Champions.  Big E says he feels a power flowing through his veins.  He is talking about history.  They may go down as the greatest . . . and most elite team of all time.

AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson show up.  AJ says they have a nice run as tag team champions, but the WWE Title stands for greatness.  Luke says they are not like you three nerds.  They are about being mean and making green.  Karl says they have done it all over the world.  AJ says they have done it with the Phenomenal One.  He says the discussion starts and ends with the Club.

We see The Shield on the other side of The New Day.

Seth asks if they heard that they are the greatest team of all time.  Dean asks if they believe that and Roman says nah.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady do their introduction, but Enzo is not as Shuffly as usual due to what Rusev did to him. 

Colin tells Kevin Owens and Rusev that him and Roman Reigns are going to turn you red, white, black, and blue.  They are going to do it for the members of the Armed Forces.  The Army . . . The Navy . . . The Air Force . . . The Coast Guard . . . and the Marines.  Kevin Owens and Rusev, on behalf of those brave men and women, they are going to show that there is only one word to describe you.

Match Number Six:  Colin Cassady (with Enzo Amore) and Roman Reigns versus Kevin Owens and Rusev (with Lana)

Owens and Reigns start things off but Owens tags in Rusev before any physicality happens.  Rusev with a side head lock.  Rusev with a shoulder tackle.  Reigns with a shoulder tackle and wrist lock.  Rusev with a kick and Irish whip followed by a splash into the corner.  Owens tags in and they kick Reigns.  Rusev chokes Reigns while Owens distracts the referee and taunts Colin.  Owens punches Reigns and tags in Rusev who punches Reigns.  Rusev with an Irish whip and round kick for a near fall.

Rusev sends Reigns to the mat and misses a splash when Reigns moves.  Owens tells Rusev to get him and Rusev runs into an elbow and a leaping clothesline.  Reigns with NeverEnding Story to Rusev.  Reigns with a boot to the head and then Reigns sets for the Superman punch but Rusev rolls to the floor.

Reigns with an uppercut to Owens to knocks him down and Reigns with a Drive By to Rusev.  Owens misses a clothesline and Colin with a punch to Owens.  We go to commercial.

We are back and Reigns slams Rusev’s head into the announce table.  Reigns with an uppercut but Owens pulls Reigns off the apron.  Owens tags in and he hits a back senton on the floor.  Owens kicks Reigns and sends him into the ring.  Owens with a boot to the chest.

Owens with a kick to the back.  Owens mocks Roman’s patriotism as he kicks and punches Reigns.  Rusev tags in and he connects with a knee to the midsection followed by a drop kick for a near fall.  Rusev with a double sledge to the back.  Owens tags in and he kicks Reigns.  Owens asks Reigns who is proud of him now as he continues to kick Reigns.  Owens with a short arm clothesline and a back senton for a near fall.  Owens punches Reigns in the face.

Rusev tags back in and he kicks Reigns and he tries for a suplex but Reigns blocks it and Reigns with a suplex and both men are down.  Owens makes the tag and Reigns with an uppercut and Colin is tagged in.  Colin with forearms to Owens followed by a slam.  Colin with a leaping elbow drop to Owens.  Colin slams Rusev and hits a leaping elbow drop.  Colin with a Stinger Splash to Owens and then one to Rusev.  Lana sends Enzo into the ring steps and Rusev hits a jumping thrust kick and Owens with a frog splash but Owens can only get a near fall.  Owens sets for the cannonball and Colin with a boot to the head and then Colin crawls to make the tag as Rusev makes the tag.  Reigns with a Samoan drop and then he hits a Superman punch on Owens.  Rusev with a rollup but Reigns gets up and hits a spear for the three count.

Winners:  Colin Cassady and Roman Reigns

We go to credits.

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