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By Dave Scherer on 2016-12-14 10:00:00

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AJ Styles vs. Undertaker is a true dream match that many longtime fans of AJ never thought they would see.  With Taker returning for a limited time, and knowing that time is short, now is the time for that match to happen.  Yet you mentioned that you don't want to see Taker fighting for the world title, which puts a wrench in those plans assuming AJ holds on to the belt until at least Wrestlemania.   Given AJ's status as champ, if you wanted to book him vs Taker in the near future (at the Royal Rumble for example), how would you book that match with the goals in mind of keeping Taker out of the title picture while keeping AJ looking strong?  

That is part of the problem with even doing the match in my opinion.  Taker is a legend and should be treated as such.  But he can’t go in there and dominate Styles, or he looks weak.  It would have to be a very even match, that could go either way, and they would probably have Styles cheat to keep his belt.  I much prefer Taker vs. John Cena in a match of made men.

Can you explain the booking strategy of AJ Styles flip-flopping between having great title matches, and winning, against true contenders like Dean Ambrose, yet losing to James Ellsworth routinely in non-title matches?

I don’t know why so many people are getting upset by this.  Ellsworth has used Dean Ambrose to win every match so I don’t even look at it like he’s won one time.  It’s just an angle.  

Where's Eva Marie? I thought it was 30 days.  She's been off SmackDown for more than 100 days.

She has been filming movies.

NXT has taken off as its own brand and is considered by many as a successful promotion.  My question is, if NXT's purpose is to be a developmental territory, can it be considered a success?   Most of the top stars brought up to the main roster or currently headlining NXT were established indy stars.  Has NXT not developed as many stars as they would like people to believe?  It seems the home grown talent is far outnumbered by talent brought in from other promotions.

I consider it a success because they have prepared the talent for the main roster.  In most cases, the talents haven’t been used well by creative once they get up to the main roster.  It’s not the talent’s fault if creative uses them badly.

Please tell me we are building to Y2J vs Owens at Royal Rumble/Wrestlemania for the title and not Roman Reigns headlining the first quarter of every show again as champ?

As I type this on Sunday, it is pretty clear that Jericho-Owens will be feuding sooner rather than later.  It is an angle that was put together to get us to that point.  I think it will make for some great matches when they happen.

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