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By Dave Scherer on 2016-12-11 10:00:00

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Is it fair to assume that at some point during Total Deletion Jeff Hardy will take an insane bump thus rendering him injured just in time to be taken off the British tour?

In another year, sure.  But this year?  It’s not needed since they don’t have a UK tour booked in January.  I guess that is a good thing to since they are losing their TV in the UK next month.  But I think it’s a good bet that Jeff will take at least one insane bump during the match.

Is part of the reason why the Goldberg/Lesnar match was booked the way it was because Goldberg either did not want to or is not able to take bumps?

Nope.  It was booked that way to “tell a story”.

Is WWE going to let Daniel Bryan back into the ring for one last match?  If not, then what are they trying to do by having the Miz openly mock him and use Bryan's moves in matches? If it's only to get more heat from the fans, I think there's better and more respectful/tactful ways to do it then that.  It's painfully obvious that Daniel Bryan would give just about anything to be back in the ring doing what he loves.  To use him as a way to draw cheap heat for Miz without letting him wrestle feels like rubbing salt in a wound.

Mike Johnson and I discussed this subject in depth on last Wednesday’s show.  Unless they have done tests that will allow Bryan to work a match, I don’t get it either.  They are doing exactly what they did when he was going for the Title years ago.  They made the fans think he was going to become WWE Champion when that was never their plan.  They told a story, from a wrestling perspective, which made the fans think that the payoff would be a Title win.  Now, they are telling a story where he will come out of retirement and fight Miz.  If their plan is for Bryan to have a proxy do that, they are making a big mistake in my option. 

Wouldn't the Survivor Series squash of Brock be better suited for the long awaited in ring return of Hulk Hogan, brother?  Think about it, fresh from the bell, Hulk Up, Big Boot, Leg Drop 1... 2... 3... Real American plays and 20,000 screaming Hulkamaniacs go wild for their returning hero, brother.  It would have been more fitting for the Hulkster to get the squash... right brother?

Thanks for the email Hulk.  Hope all is well in Florida.  Oh, this isn’t Hulk?  Then the answer is a clear and definitive NO!

Considering they have a smaller roster, the Smackdown brand actually has a pretty decent amount of tag teams.  With that said I don't think the Ascension, Vaudevillians, or Breezango have won a match since the brand split.  Do you think creatively they are missing the boat here in terms of turning their tag division into a potentially great division?

In the case of Breezango, I agree with you.  They haven’t been given a fair chance to show what they can do.  In the case of the other two teams, they never got any initial buzz, and to be fair didn’t wow the audience, and creative has done nothing to try and get them over with the masses.  Contrast that with Carmella, who came in kind of cold but then got booked as a heel and was given the chance to get over.  I would like to see the teams you mentioned at least get a chance.

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