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By Andrew Twiss on 2016-12-10 00:05:00

Here are full results from NXT Live in Winter Haven, FL

Before I get to the report, I want to note the passing of Todd Garzon, who ran security for NXT for several years. Numerous NXT talents have paid tribute to him on social media. I didn't get to interact with him much personally, but he was always a decent guy whenever I got to talk to him and a lot of the people I know who attend shows were fond of him too. On a person note, I offer my condolences to his friends and family.

Now to the card.

- Angelo Dawkins and Kenneth Crawford def. the Bollywood Boyz - Surprisingly mixed reaction to the teams. Apparently, Angelo Dawkins is well liked in Winter Haven. The match itself was decent but nothing spectacular.

- Daria Berenato def. Mandy Rose - A solid match. These two have good chemistry so there was some good flow to the match. Daria won with a spine buster.

- Steve Cutler def. Adrian Jaoude- Half of this match was these two trading arm bars. it was a simple, physical match, but nothing all that amazing.

- TJ Perkins def. Gran Metalik- Perkins got a huge reaction coming out. The match itself was fine. Some of Metalik's work in walking the ropes is just so pretty to see live. The work was good, although it seemed they were struggling to find a good flow to the match. It didn't help that the crowd was super quiet during the match.

- Lana def. Sarah Bridges - The Lana/Crazy Mary Dobson dream match you never knew you wanted has happened in 2016. This was interesting because Lana was playing up a different character. She was working straight babyface, with new music and an entrance that involved a lot of dancing. The match itself was actually decent. Lana had some nice throws and some decent kicks. You can also see the inexperience at times as she was struggling with positioning and the fluidity isn't there. If the goal is to get her to be a wrestler, more in ring time would be valuable. 

- Cedric Alexander def. Dan Matha- This was a great match for Matha to show off his size. He was pounding Cedric, who looked a lot shorter. The work was good, but things fell apart at the end. Matha went to charge the corner, Cedric moved, but something must have went wrong. They went to an awkward cover, Alexander kicked out, and then they went straight to the Lumbar Check finish without setting it up or anything. Cedric looked like he legitimately got his bell rung. The ref put up the X and the trainer came out. 

Post match: Before the trainer could get in the ring, Kayla Braxton, the host for the evening came in to interview Cedric. He looked to be physically struggling, but still cut a good promo about how his 3 year old child inspired him to push himself and that he wanted the Cruiserweight Championship. He went back, being looked at by the trainer and ref. He looked hurt and I'm not sure why they went ahead with the promo if that was the case. If he's hurt, just cut out the promo. It's a house show, it's okay to skip it.

- Sanity (Eric Young and Damo w/Alexander Wolfe and Nikki Cross) def. Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic - This was a fun match. Eric Young was acting completely crazy and flipping all over the place and it got the crowd worked up. There was another cool moment where Damo and Otis faced off and it was a lot of beef in the ring. They kept running at each other with shoulder blocks, with neither being able to budge the other one. Lots of good back and forth stuff until Sanity used the numbers game (and Cross spraying something in Otis' eyes) to get the win. 

Post match: All four Sanity members continue the beat down. They bring a couple of chairs in the ring, but before they can use them, Otis and Tucker get the upper hand and run Sanity off. 


- NXT returns to Winter Haven on February 18



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