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By Mike Johnson on 2016-12-08 10:00:00

Where is Santino Marella?  Could we him in the Royal Rumble?

While Santino could always make a cameo in the Rumble, WWE released him earlier this year.  He is in Toronto running his Battlarts wrestling and MMA academy.

So, does WWE put Jimmy Snuka back in their Hall of Fame?

No, because he was never removed.  The company simply removed him from their website.  He was still listed as a member of the Hall of Fame in the Hall's program at the 2016 ceremony.

Let's call a spade a spade here and don't dance around the topic.  What is the future of Dixie Carter in pro wrestling?

She will be the minority owner of TNA with miniscule power behind the scenes or gone from the company altogether.  Unless she is going to start taking indy bookings or try to get a job in WWE as a performer, I think her time in pro wrestling is coming to a close and if you could get her to speak openly about it, she would probably admit it.  You don't sell a company and then remain in charge.  That doesn't happen in any walk of life.

Every now and then I see a Dirty White Boy pop up in Indy results?  Is that the same guy from SMW who was TL Hopper?

No, that DWB was Tony Anthony.  I believe he is retired from the business.

I see Jim Ross has a book coming out and I can't wait for it but it got me thinking, didn't Gordon Solie write a book?

There was a book Solie released locally in the 1980s, "Master of the Ring", which is likely what you are thinking of.  There was also a biography of Solie co-authored by his daughter as well as a collection of Solie's own writing and poetry published over the years.  For details, click here.

I see you are working on the "Legends of Extreme" series for Highspots.  When will they debut on PWInsider?

The quick and easy answer is that they won't be.  That was an entirely separate project for their streaming platform.  Highspots owns that content.  It won't be appearing on

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