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By Mike Johnson on 2016-12-06 17:05:00

As I noted yesterday on my Elite audio update, we heard from a number of people who wondered that the elimination of the Raw and Smackdown Kickoff Shows on the WWE Network might mean the beginning of the end of Jerry Lawler's WWE run as he had already been removed from commentary on Smackdown.   

One source also believed that Lawler's contract was close to expiring, so reached out to WWE for clarification on Lawler's status with the company.  WWE responded:

"Jerry Lawler has a Legends agreement with WWE, however, he will no longer regularly appear on our pre-shows. He will continue to host special events, including WWE’s annual Hall of Fame celebration at WrestleMania."

Lawler, one of the biggest territory stars of all time is a legitimate legend in Memphis and has worked regularly for WWF/WWE since 1992.

As I noted on my audio yesterday, there is no way WWE shouldn't find a role for Lawler.  I'd love to see the company institute a series filmed at his restaurant where he sits down with old Memphis personalities to discuss the old territory.

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