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By Dave Scherer on 2016-12-07 10:00:00

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I just finished watching the incredible Raw main event.  Does Vince hate people winning inn their hometowns? All 3 Charlotte area natives lost.

It sure seems that way.  Historically, many WWE talents  have been booked badly in their hometowns.  I have never understood that mindset.  It seems that there is an inordinate amount of losses/negative segments that happen in hometowns.

On a recent Raw, Michael Cole dubbed Chris Jericho an "all-time great", which surprised me. Among journalists/wrestlers/fans, is Chris Jericho regarded as an all-time great? Or is he a tier lower, on the "really-good-but-not-great" level - where I personally consider him to be? After all, he was never a wrestler who could main event on his own power like Austin, Rock, Shawn, Bret, Undertaker and other all-time guys could.

First off, Michael Cole is about hype.  It’s not always about accuracy.  With that said, I get what you are saying.  Jericho has had a great career and is definitely what I consider a 1-A.  Being an all time great?  That is the best of the best.  It is a hard club to get into.

This may be a sensitive subject, but how much effect do you think the whole Connor "The Crusher" Michalek story had on Daniel Bryan's push towards the World Championship?  It seemed that up until their "Make A Wish" meeting, the WWE ignored the fans' desire to see Daniel as the champ again, even going so far as to book him in silly, illogical angles which kept him in the mid-card.  Once the WWE was aware of Connor and his love for Daniel, suddenly everything turned around and led to one of the most heartwarming story lines many of us have seen in a long time.  Certainly, the WWE couldn't derail his push or have him lose in front of Connor who was seated in the front row at Wrestlemania.  Thoughts?

I would say it was minimal, if any.  Bryan’s push was the result of the fans choosing Bryan to be there guy and not accepting anything but him winning the WWE Title.  They took over shows and made it happen.

What are your thoughts on this scenario depending if a deal to be reached and if Chris Jericho stays through WrestleMania that he wins the Royal Rumble giving him one more accolade on his Hall of Fame career and going on to face Kevin Owens at Mania capping off their program and angle they have been running with the last 6 months?

I wouldn’t be surprised by that at all.  I could see them doing that, easily.  Owens and Jericho have to face off at some point and that would be a great way to escalate the program.

If Trish Stratus was available for NXT Toronto and willing to wrestle, would she have been the first choice to face Asuka instead of Mickie James, or was Mickie always the #1 choice?

Triple H said on the conference call before the event that Mickie was the choice, dispelling that rumor.  With that said, if Trish wants to wrestle, I am sure they would love to have her.

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