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By Dave Scherer on 2016-12-05 10:00:00

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Because of the way she has been booked, I really cannot take Becky Lynch seriously as a champion. I mean every time she gets in the ring, she either gets beat, or beaten down. Even when she instigates it. And even her title win was a fluke! I think almost anyone else on the roster would make a better champion. She may be talented, but I have not seen too much evidence of it. And if she is talented, then I think she has been booked very poorly. What do you think?

I definitely think that she could have been booked better than she has been.  As I said yesterday, they make her secondary to Nikki Bella.  that is not how the Champion should be booked.

In past years (especially 2008) WWE was very involved in the get out and campaigns where this year the election was never even mentioned? Any particular reason for that? Did Donald Trump’s relationship with the McMahons play any part in their decision not to be involved?

I can’t say for sure.  It could be the relationship with Trump that came into play.  It could also be that they are more kid friendly now than they were then, so they stayed out of it.  Or it could be that they realized that this was the most contentious election of my lifetime and they didn’t want to alienate fans by endorsing Trump, who they were clearly for.

Whenever a wrestler delivers a kicking attack to an opponent, especially superkicks and big boots, there's always a large slapping noise that accompanies it. Do these moves actually make contact, and if so, do wrestling boots have some sort of special padding to lessen the blow? You'd think that a direct kick to the side of the head is counterintuitive to protecting performers from concussions.

Most of the time it’s slight of hand, as the wrestler slaps their own body to make the noise.  Yes, actually kicking people in the head turns a work into a shoot. 

Has there been any word on a new channel for TNA here in the UK? I know nothing has been announced this side of the pond, but you guys have got ears closer to the action than us!!

Not yet.  Losing their outlet there next month is a big loss for the company.  As Anthem takes more control, I would think they would come up with something for the UK.  I just hope it’s not a pay outlet like the WWE Network.  I don’t think TNA is in a position to charge fans to watch their TV show and get a significant response.  But if they have no option, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try.

The Sasha vs. Charlotte feud has been one of my favorites to watch because their matches have been so awesome. With that being said, what do you think about the Women’s Championship changing hands so frequently between the two? Does it legitimize the championship, or does it hurt it?

I love it.  It shows me that the women are equals, which I like.  I have enjoyed the feud.  I know some feel it has gone on too long (which I don’t get).  I am from the old school where feuds lasted years.  I love what they are doing with them.

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