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By Dave Scherer on 2016-12-04 10:00:00

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What happened to Lana's in ring career?

At best it’s on hold.  She signed on to be a character, as she came in as actress.  Given the change of the women’s division to harder hitting, I don’t see her doing much wrestling in the future.

Why is Maryse on the payroll?  What exactly does she add to the product?

Apparently nothing in your eyes.  In my view, she adds a nice edge to the Miz and his act.  I like her.  I think she’s good at what she does.

How can 205 Live become popular and successful?  I'm worried that because it airs after SmackDown, 205 Live won't be successful. So should it air at 7:00 pm instead of 10:00 pm?

I think if it’s booked in the same fashion that NXT and the CWC is/was, it can definitely become a strong product for WWE.  I do share your concern about it airing after Smackdown as I worry that crowds will start to leave, potentially.  WWE could always move it to before Smackdown, but then you also have to worry about people not being in their seats until the main show starts.  If it were me, and crowds start bailing on the show at the live events, I would try announcing big dark main events that air after 205 to try and get people to stay at the shows before I made any changes.

Here’s perhaps an odd question:  If a house show or Raw/Smackdown taping has begun, and a major talent develops food poisoning, or some other sudden illness leaving them unable to perform, how would WWE creative/Vince react and adjust?  Are you aware of this happening in the past?

I have heard of plans being changed due to illness in the past.  WWE would just adjust the script for the night.  Hell, most weeks Raw gets rewritten many times throughout the day.  WWE has no problem adjusting.

I have a question about Billy Corgan in pro wrestling.  By all accounts from what I've heard in interviews and read online, Billy seems to have a genuine interest in the business.  It seems that he wants to help do what's right, or best for business, for whatever organization he's with.  That being said, he's now had two tumultuous relationships come to very public and messy ends.  Is Billy Corgan the problem, or is it a case of controlling entities within each promotion not taking  Corgan seriously because he's seen as an outsider and only wanting his involvement because of the resources he brings (money, contacts, name recognition, etc.)?

I don’t see him as the problem at all.  He entered into a deal with TNA which he says he was led to be one thing and it ended up being something entirely different.  It’s no secret that TNA has not been run like, say, WWE.  They have a lot of issues, which have been documented here.  In the case of TNA I look at as he saw how things were being run, and would continue to be run, and he jumped off the ship.  I would have too if I were him.

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