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By Stuart Carapola on 2016-12-01 22:00:00

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

Okay, so it looks like my DVR skipped the first 10 minutes or so of the show, but it looks like all we missed was Moose squashing Aron Rex in just a few seconds to win the Grand Championship, and Brother Nero calling out the DCC and getting beat down until BROKEN Matt Hardy ran in to make the save.  Joining in progress...

We get a series of interviews with Braxton Sutter and Mandrews talking about how they're going to win the X Division Title tonight, and DJ Z says they both know all about his weaknesses, but he's still going to walk out with the title.  So they teamed for a month and now these guys know all of his weaknesses?  That's kind of poor planning on DJ Z's part, wouldn't you say?

X Division Title Match: DJ Z vs Braxton Sutter vs Mandrews

They trade pinning attempts, they trade spots, DJ Z gets dumped to the floor and Mandrews and Sutter have a brief moment of actual wrestling before DJ Z comes back in, Sutter gets dumped to the floor, and DJ Z and Mandrews do flippy dippy.  Mandrews moonsaults to the floor, DJ Z does a dive and does his BRBRBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! before going back in the ring to get his clock cleaned by Sutter.  Sutter gets dumped to the floor, DJ Z goes to the top, Mandrews goes up and knocked off, Sutter goes up and DJ Z gives him a gourdbuster onto Mandrews then takes them both out with a crossbody.  DJ Z goes for a ZDT, but Sutter boots him in the face, hits a Flatliner...and doesn't go for a cover.  Instead, he sets Mandrews up to hit his flippy Stunner, then Mandrews comes off the top with a shooting star press, and DJ Z gets a rolling cradle on Mandrews for the win.

Winner: DJ Z

Same guys having the same match as every week.  Sutter high fives DJ Z after the match, but Mandrews is not happy, so I wait for him to turn heel while he walks over, raises DJ Z's hand, and then turns heel by kicking his knee out.  Sutter asks him what he's doing, but Mandrews walks off.

Leah Van Nose is backstage with Allie and says she guesses she'll have to  cheer Braxton up tonight.  Allie asks why she never sees Luba and Sutter together, and Lisa says it's because they're keeping it on the down low, and after tonight, Allie won't have a job.

Maria comes out to the ring with Leela Von Ness and complains that some people don't see her as the role model she is.  Maria tells Allie to get out here now, then asks her to explain last week.  Allie says she wasn't trying to hit her, but Maria says she knows she was trying to hit Laurel Van Zandt, and says she's the worst assistant ever.  Lerna tells Allie about all the dirty things Braxton said to her last night when they went out, and Maria says that Allie sucks, she can't do anything right, she's not a wrestler, and she's just a stupid bitch.  Allie slaps Maria across the face, and Maria tells her that was a mistake.  Luna blindsides Allie and lays her out, and she and Maria walk off as Allie is left laying in the ring.

Rosemary cuts a backstage promo about how she's going to make Jade decay and win the Knockouts Title tonight.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: BROKEN Matt Hardy & Brother Nero vs The DCC

Bram and Eddie Kingston are representing the DCC in this match.  The Hardys go after the DCC and start beating the crap out of them as soon as the bell rings, and continue the assault.  The DCC is on the defensive literally all the way up to the commercial break.

Okay, we're back and the DCC is now in control, with Matt caught in the wrong corner.  He makes the hot tag and Jeff starts to clean house, but Storm hits a leaping enziguiri from the outside to knock Jeff off the top rope when the ref's back is turned.  Now Bram and Kingston spend a few minutes absolutely beating the PISS out of Jeff, but can't put him away.  Jeff finally makes it to the corner and tags in Matt, who cleans house on both Bram annd Kingston and even bites them a bunch for good measure.  He hits a Side Effect on Kingston for 2, but Bram stops him from hitting the Twist of Fate.  Brother Nero knocks Bram to the floor and takes him and Storm out with a dive.  Kingston hits Matt with an STO for 2, but Jeff and Matt each hit Kingston with a Twist of Fate for the win.

Winners: The BROKEN Hardys

Good match, and the Hardys are on fire.  Storm stares the Hardys down.

We see a video package of Gail Kim giving up the Knockouts Title and Jade training for tonight's match, then footage of Ethan Carter III beating Eli Drake last week, then EC3 finds Eli Drake backstage and says that he proved himself last night as a title contender and main eventer.  EC3 says he's cashing in his title shot next week, and if Eli wants a title shot, all he has to do is say the word.  Eli can't talk, so EC3 says "Oh well, see you never!" and walks off as Eli fumes at him.

We look back at last week when the Tribunal attacked Al Snow and Mahabali Shera and whipped them with their belts, then we see Snow backstage with Shera and says that they owe him because he gave them everything, and now they want the Tribunal in a strap match because now they owe the Tribunal.

Ethan Carter III comes out to the ring and says he suffered the biggest loss of his career at Bound For Glory, but now he is once again the #1 contender to the TNA World Title.  He asks Eddie Edwards to come down to the ring to speak with him, and tells Eddie that he commends him for the run he's been on lately, especially for beating Bobby Lashley.  He says the title is making everyone look at Eddie differently, and Eddie says that's true, but Ethan knows he hasn't changed because he's the same dude he always was.  EC3 says they're friends, but also competitors, and he failed to win the TNA World Title twice this year, and he won't fail a third time.  Eddie says it's going to take someone truly, truly special to take the title from him, because the only thing that matters is who is holding the TNA World Title.  EC3 says Eddie is missing the point: the only thing that matters is the TNA World Title, and he wants Eddie to hear him loud and clear: there's a difference between winning the title and keeping it.  That takes a different set of skills, and he's not afraid to stab a friend in the back or slit his throat to get what he wants, and he wants Eddie to remember that a champion's mentality is "Kill 'em all, and let God sort 'em out."

Jade is backstage, and she's...WALKING!  And Rosemary is in the scaffold, and she's...CRAWLING DOWN THE STAIRS!  They face off in the main event NEXT!

Gail Kim comes down to ringside to hand over the Knockouts Title belt, and after that, it's...MAIN EVENT TIME!

Six Sides Of Steel/Knockouts Title Match: Jade vs Rosemary

Rosemary goes right after Jade and tackles her to the floor, but they go back inside and Jade unloads with a flurry of martial arts offense and a gutwrench suplex for 2 as we go to commercial.

We're back, and Jade is still beating on Rosemary, who feints that she's going for the mist, causing Jade to stop short, then Rosemary nails her and unloads with a flurry of shots.  Rosemary yells at Gail Kim that there's her chosen one, then flattens Jade with a hard clothesline and grinds her face into the cage.  Rosemary gives Jade a T-bone suplex into the cage, but Jade turns it around with a flying headscissors and starts mounting a comeback.  Jade picks Rosemary up by the neck and rams her into the cage a few times before hitting a Sky High for 2.  Rosemary blocks a package piledriver and hits a NASTY release German suplex.  Rosemary climbs the cage, Jade climbs up after her and rams her face into the cage a few times to knock her into the ring, then Jade goes all the way to the top, Madison Rayne (on commentary) points out that she's going for an old Gail Kim spot, and she comes off the top with a flying bodypress.  Rosemary is DEAD.  Jade crawls over and covers Rosemary, but Rosemary is out at 2.  Jade goes to the top rope, but Rosemary pops up, mists Jade in the face, and hits the Red Wedding for the win!

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: Rosemary

This match kicked 100 types of ass!  They got the chance to main event and show what they could do, and they KILLED it.  Really good to see and a terrific match all around.

Thanks for reading the Impact Wrestling Report here on!  I'll be back on Sunday to talk about Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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