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By Mike Johnson on 2016-12-02 10:00:00

Is there any update on Matt Sydal's legal issues in Japan?

Sydal is still there awaiting the resolution of his case. 

Are there any planned Pat Patterson book signings?  I have looked around but don't see any.

Patterson did one signing in Montreal, where he is from, but beyond that, nothing has been announced.  Barnes and Noble's website is, as of this writing, selling signed copies of Patterson's great book "Accepted", however.

What does the K in Vincent K. McMahon stand for?


There's one thing that's been bugging me: why does Luke Harper keep losing to Kane? You have Bray and Randy doing a pretty alright job and even getting a no 1 contender spot while Harper keeps losing (and then suddenly appearing to help out in a latet match anyway).. This guy, IMO, is the current future of big guys. When Kane retires, Harper is the monster still capable of doing dropkick. Why waste that?

That is a great question.  I think it's not a case of Harper doing something wrong or having heat, but just the company wanting to keep Kane strong, because he's a well respected veteran.  I wholeheartedly agree that Harper should be utilized in a stronger manner.

I think James Ellsworth is a nice addition to wwe programming; he is truly giving AJ Styles a chance to create more depth with his heel character. My only complaint is JBL's verbal tongue lashings of James as a sub-human circus freak (I'm paraphrasing) Yes, he doesn't have a typical wrestler's physique, and doesn't have a chin (which actually adds to his appeal), but there is a difference between painting someone as as an underdog weakling and describing them in terms that clearly go beyond getting someone over? Your reaction to JBL?

JBL is doing what a heel should be doing, knocking someone to the point that the audience should, in theory, gain sympathy for him.  I haven't personally had any issue with it.  I honestly feel that one of the aspects of pro wrestling that is sorely lacking on WWE programming is the lack of heels that are trying to get legitimate heat so that when they get their asses kicked, the crowd is more invested and react bigger for the babyfaces.  So, I've no issue with JBL calling Ellsworth a turtle or anything of that nature.



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