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By Mike Johnson on 2016-12-01 10:00:00

Do you think if 205Live takes off in a similar way to how NXT has that it would be a good idea to introduce tag titles for the cruisers as a means for secondary storylines outside of the main title picture?

Eventually, yes, but not anytime soon.  They need to get the talents over and take time to figure out the formula of the series.  I think it was obvious from the first episode they are still working on the right mix.

Any chance of seeing Low Ki in ROH soon?

Certainly possible, but no sign of that happening in the near future.  He would certainly add an interesting, fresh element to the company landscape.

After seeing the post by AJ Styles with the fan art of him vs HBK I got way too excited. I live in San Antonio and was at the last Rumble. I know that just about anything is possible, but is there enough time to make it happen?  If HBK were up for it, would 3 months be enough time for him to be ring ready and able to have a HBK caliber match?

It does not appear that is the plan for the Rumble PPV, although it would have the potential to be a mindblowing match.  Michaels is still in great shape, so my guess is that with a few weeks to get ring rust off, he would be fine.  Michaels wanting to wrestle, however, is a different story.

Is it true Steve Corino is going to WWE?

Corino had a recent stint as Guest Coach at the WWE Performance Center.  While nothing has been announced, the belief is he will be taking a position in 2017 for WWE, but nothing is official until it is official.

Have you guys heard if there is going to be a resolution to HHH screwing Seth Rollins and/or Roman Reigns? Or is that something that we were supposed to forget? If there is a payoff match, which would most likely be at Wrestlmania, who should he face?  It strikes me as a conundrum in a way. It makes sense that Rollins would be the better match, but when HHH wrestles, the fans seem to gravitate towards supporting him. It also takes Rollins out of the title picture unless they put the belt on him before then. If HHH wrestles Reigns he will definitely be the face and that would be counterproductive to WWE trying to get Reigns back in the good graces of the fans.

The plan appears to be Wrestlemania for that match.

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