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By Dave Scherer on 2016-11-30 10:00:00

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So is Baron Corbin going to be the new Alberto Del Rio?

Man, it sure does seem like it.  They have booked him so badly, so badly.  I am not saying that they should have made him the champion but damn, they have done nothing for him.  I don’t get it.  He could be so much more than they are letting him be….just like Del Rio was.

Now that Samoa Joe is a 2 time champion, there is nothing left for him to accomplish in NXT.  When he drops the belt and makes his inevitable move to the main roster, how would you have him make his debut?  Would you a)  insert him directly into the Raw or Smackdown title picture, b)  start him in squash matches and have him work his way up the ladder, or c)  have him debut against Brock Lesnar at a PPV?

I disagree with you.  I think there is a lot left for him in NXT.  I think that unless there is a big plan in place for Joe, he is much more valuable in NXT, where he is a draw for the brand and can help make new stars.  I would love to see him get main roster money to be one of the pillars of the NXT brand.  His work has been awesome since coming to NXT.

After watching Golberg vs Lesnar at Survivor Series, I cant help but think 2 things. 1, the way Lesnar lost was absolutely the right way he should have been beat. Underestimating his opponent and being beaten in shocking form. 2, it was to the wrong guy. Why on earth could they have not done this with a current member of the roster I guess is my question? 

I have no good answer other than they thought having Goldberg do it would get viewers, sell video games and set up a WrestleMania match between the two.  I am with you however, I would rather have seen a young talent get elevated.

Just saw Goldberg vs Lesnar, and I saw all sorts of comments on it, half saying it was good, half saying it was bad. The half that said it was bad talked about how the match was hyped all month and lasted just a minute, or how it made Lesnar look weak or make the roster look like chumps, how it's bad booking and wasting people's money. Do you think that fans should stop looking at matches from businessmen and fantasy booking point of view, and just enjoy the match as a fan? Brock Lesnar is a villain, Paul Heyman is a villain, Goldberg is a returning hero. Heyman insulted Goldberg's family, I want to see the villain get beat up and the hero prevail, and in this match, that is exactly what happened.

That is definitely one way to look at it and if you choose to, that is your right.  However, I think even if you enjoyed it in the moment, you still should be able to understand why people had a problem with it.  You don’t have to be an analyst to see that there are some long term issues with booking the match that way, as well as some lost opportunities.

I was in attendance at NXT Takeover, and can confirm there was a chant of "Chris Benoit" when Samoa Joe had Nakamura in the crippler crossface.  I was shocked and horrified that the smart Toronto crowd would attempt to glorify a man who did what he did to his family, regardless of his wrestling accomplishments.  I don't envy the parents in attendance who had to explain to their kids who Chris Benoit was.  I have thought for years that this move should be banned in order to prevent any reference to Benoit.  Did the chants come across on the Network broadcast, and do you think WWE should take the chants into account and ban the crossface?  

I did not hear the chants on the broadcast, but I was also blogging with means I will miss some things from time to time.  Banning a move like that, which is very safe but also very effective, is definitely a tough call.  Personally, I wouldn’t do it but I have no issue if someone disagrees.

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