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By Dave Scherer on 2016-11-29 10:00:00

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Have you guys heard if there is going to be a resolution to HHH screwing Seth Rollins and/or Roman Reigns? Or is that something that we were supposed to forget?

Definitively?  No.  But there has been talk about it for a while and that is too big of a storyline to leave dangling.  They need to resolve it.  Looks like it will happen at WrestleMania.  Maybe HHH will screw Rollins at the Rumble…

Despite not being an alumni of NXT, WWE has managed to get James Ellsworth over and he's being used in the biggest storyline on Smackdown. Yet somehow, they can't effectively utilize many of the NXT call-ups (Baron Corbin immediately comes to mind, as he should've been part of the RAW vs SD Survivor Series match). Doesn't this undermine the proposed concept of NXT being a developmental brand?

Not at all.  Ellsworth got over organically.  He was a comedy character that was given a chance and a good push.  I believe if the NXT call ups were giving good, strong pushes they too could have gotten over more too.  It all comes down to how that the company has used them.  

Is beat Brock Lesnar Goldberg's greatest squash?

Given who Brock is and what he has done over the past few years to the rest of the WWE roster?  I would have to say yes, it is.  He is the most important wrestler that Goldberg has destroyed.

So, is the squash loss to Goldberg finally some punishment to Lesnar for the PR black eye of testing for banned substances in UFC? If it's a setup for a WrestleMania match for Goldberg, is it a rematch with Lesnar, or a match with Undertaker? He squashed the man who ended the streak, so why not take on the man himself?

Only Vince McMahon knows for sure if the embarrassment of the failed test played a role in the squash.  At this point, I think Lesnar needs to get a win since he has lost twice to Goldberg now and he needs it before they even think about putting Goldberg in there with Taker.  They already have last year’s Taker match, against John Cena, that they can go back to.  It would seem that is why Taker said he was back and he is on Smackdown a few weeks back.

My gut tells me that part of the reason Goldberg vs Lesnar went down the way it did was due to limitations on what Goldberg could do physically.  He had a very short period of time to prepare and as you've mentioned he'll be  50 soon.  What do you think?  I mean unless you count Lesnar putting him against the corner he didn't take a single bump.

Honestly?  Goldberg was never a 60 minute man.  I seems that WWE did the finish that they do to get people talking and to set up Lesnar-Goldberg for Mania.

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