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By Dave Scherer on 2016-11-27 09:59:00

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Let me play Devil's Advocate for a second.  I know you guys think that the 20 dollar subscription to FloSlam is too expensive and a rip off.  But consider this, as of right now they are showing 8 LIVE shows in the month of December.  WWE Network for 10 bucks a month is not showing nearly that much live wrestling.  Isn't it worth 20 bucks to see 8 LIVE shows when you have to pay 10 bucks to see maybe 2 live shows on WWE Network?

I never said it’s a “rip off”.  I don’t know where you got that.  I did say that with WWE, and New Japan charging half of that, or less, it’s not a good deal for wrestling fans to pay that much.  Sure, they show eight shows, or whatever, but those events appeal to only the most hardcore of the hardcore fans.  WWE, for example, appeals to many more fans, for half the price. And in December, for that price, you will get two PPVs, four episodes of NXT and four episodes of 205.  That is ten “live” events to me.  Beyond that, you get a plethora of content.  The 8 shows on Flo, again, appeal to the ultra fan who will watch everything.  Sure, they will pay 20 bucks.  But for most of the the fans they look at it like Mike Johnson and I do, that it’s overpriced for someone that is only a wrestling fan.  And to many of us, the storylines that lead up to the matches are important. That is missing with much of what they air on Flo. Now, if you enjoy the other stuff they give you as well, then it’s a different conversation. But for just wrestling fans?  I think it’s way overpriced.

Which shocked you more, the streak ending or Brock losing in 90 seconds?

I guess in one respect I would say the Streak, barely.  I never thought that they would end that. But after it all settled in that night, I realized why they did it and thought that they did the right thing going forward because of the heat it put on a younger guy in Brock Lesnar.  So I will say that the 90 second squash shocks me more.  As of last Monday, it did almost nothing to increase viewership.  Even if it does raise it for the next few months, they fed a guy who was in his prime to a man that will be fifty years old next month.  There isn’t much, if any, long term goodwill that will come from that.

Demolition has been mentioned quite frequently in WWE broadcasts as of late.  This suggests a possible HOF induction, yet there is the big obstacle of the lawsuit Ax is involved in.  If the lawsuit is still ongoing with no end in sight, do you see WWE inducting the group as constituted by Smash and Crush?  Or do you think they will wait it out until the lawsuit is settled in order to allow Ax to be inducted?

If it’s me, I don’t induct them without Ax, since he was such a big part of the group, and I don’t induct them at this point due to Ax’s lawsuit.  I just wouldn’t reward someone that was suing me with an HOF induction.

I left watching WWE wrestling at the beginning of this year due to the product being too bad bland. I want to get back into it but my question is there a good reason for me to get back? Is the product that much better? I know there was the brand split and new titles and what not but should I get reinvested in the product now that everything has changed. Or has anything changed in this case? Is Vince still back to his old booking? 

You know, I would say that if you found the product dull back then, you probably won’t find it much more interesting now.  Raw was better after the split, but it is back to being what it was.  Smackdown had been better until last month, but then then it became more Raw like from a questionable storyline standpoint.  So I would say that if you left before the build to WrestleMania, which is the biggest time of the year, you probably don’t need to jump back in right now.

Is enough enough now with Ellsworth? Seriously he’s all over the show every week and its getting a bit silly. I can understand a couple of weeks and AJ taking him out, or at a push Strowman taking him out Sunday but this week again he’s in the main event and is again beating the champion. The main events between the shows this week are chalk and cheese.

I don’t think it has reached overkill yet.  He needed to get that win this week to get the contract.  He hasn’t beaten the champion on his own, or what I consider for real, yet.  His storyline has been enjoyable.  They do have to be careful to not overdo it, but I don’t think we are there yet.

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