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By Mike Johnson on 2016-11-26 10:00:00

Survivor Series just ended and I am confused. Like many others I'm sure. And maybe the story behind the Lesnar vs Goldberg match will come out in the coming days but if it doesn't...what are the chances that Shane McMahon was supposed to interfere costing Lesnar the match and when he was injured not long before, WWE audibles to a 2 min squash given that neither Lesnar or Goldberg are known for being ring generals and letting them "call it on the fly" would have left people even more confused?

We are told Shane McMahon was not scheduled to be involved in that match.

I have a bet with a friend.  Wasn't Wendi Richter married to Hugo Savinovich?

Yes, at one point.  They have been long divorced.

Who do you think should be the first referee inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Dick Woerhle or Joey Marella.

Everyone says Memphis was the last territory, but couldn't we make an argument that it's WWC in Puerto Rico?  They are still going strong.

I guess you could make that argument for sure since they are still in existence and run shows every week, but it's also been a long time since they have drawn any major crowds or produced a talent that went on to set the world on fire.  That said, I have seen their show on WAPA and it's pretty solid.

If Lucha Underground doesn't get picked up for a fourth season by El Rey, what happens to the promotion and The Temple?

The Temple is actually not a Temple - it is in actuality a studio used for filming, so building would be used for another filming project.  If the series is not picked up, it's pretty much the end of the company, since the company is really just a TV show at this juncture.

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