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By Dave Scherer on 2016-11-21 09:28:00

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What did I see at Survivor Series last night in the main event?

Well, you saw Brock Lesnar get dominated by Bill Goldberg in a really short period of time.  You saw Brock look ineffective and almost scared.  You saw a shocking WWE moment.  That is obviously what Vince McMahon was going for.

How does that make the rest of the roster look, given Brock Lesnar has run roughshod over every, broken the Streak of the Undertaker, killed the recently returning Randy Orton, etc.?

You just touched on my major problem with the match.  From a micro point of view, it was a shocking moment.  It will get people talking and send social media into a tizzy.  In the macro view, I really question the move.  As you mentioned, Brock has beaten pretty much everyone and has been booked as being in a class of his own.  And now, he has lost quickly to Goldberg, which by extension makes a guy that hasn’t wrestled in over 12 years and will be 50 years old next month better than all of the current workers.  I could see that being a bad long term move for the roster, especially at a time when they have lost over 20 percent of their audience in the last 18 months or so.

What is your take on Goldberg being the one that took out Lesnar, and all of the heat he had built up?

Referencing the previous question, I think it was the wrong thing to do.  It make be good for a few matches and maybe even a short term run for Goldberg but as CM Punk used to so famously say, “Then what?”  That is the issue to me.  It just seems penny wise and pound foolish to me.

Do you think it would have been a better move to have someone younger, such as Shinsuke Nakamura win against Lesnar in that fashion?

That is a great question and I couldn’t agree more.  Just imagine if Nakamura, in his debut match, had come in and done that to Brock.  They would have created a star, a guy that they could build around for years to come.  Instead, they gave all of that goodwill away to a guy that will be 50 years old next month.  It’s not how I would have done if it if I were the booker.

Do you think having Goldberg win in that fashion was the right thing to do?

My gut says no, it most certainly wasn’t.  WWE may say that they were going for the publicity and the buzz.  I think it will do that in the short term.  To me however, the goal always has to be to actually draw money.  It would have also been nice to use all of Brock’s goodwill as a means to build a new star and get some of the people that have tuned out of the product to come back.  I don’t see either of those things happening but if they do, then it was the right thing to do.  If not, then it wasn’t.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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