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By Richard Trionfo on 2016-11-19 22:23:00

Welcome to's live coverage of the NXT Takeover Toronto show from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Your host for the Kickoff Show is Charly Caruso.  She is joined by Lita and Mauro Ranallo.

We see Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa entering the arena.

We see Bobby Roode entering the arena.

We see TM61 entering the building.

We see Samoa Joe walking in the back.

We see Shinsuke Nakamura entering the building.

Charly asks about the NXT Title Match.

Lita talks about Joe's confidence, but we have seen Nakamura's more serious side.

Mauro points out that Nakamura was attacked by Joe, but Nakamura will entertain the people in Toronto.  He says the match will be hard hitting and not for the faint of heart.

Dasha Fuentes is in the arena with fans chanting NXT.  She mentions the Women's Title Match.

We have a video package for the Women's Title Match.

Asuka mentions her name means tomorrow and she feels that she is representing the future and the future is now.  Now that she is the champion, she will destroy everyone.  Bayley and Dana Brooke talk about how hard hitting she is.  Nia Jax says that Asuka can knock down Goliath.  

Lita mentions that Mickie feels comfortable in the middle of the ring.  

Asuka says no one can beat her because she is the best and she is the champion.

We see Mickie James in the locker room with Liv Morgan and Aliyah.

Charly points out that Asuka is undefeated, but does Mickie have a chance.

Lita says she talked to Mickie earlier and she was nervous.  Lita talks about how she had Mickie work with her when she was coming back from her neck injury.  Mauro mentions that Mickie is a six time champion.  He says this will be Asuka's toughest test, but what does Mickie have left.

Mauro picks Asuka, but Lita picks Mickie James.

We are back with a look at the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic with The Authors of Pain facing TM61.

Charly asks about what can TM61 do to stop The Authors of Pain.  Lita suggests building a cage. 

Lita picks the Authors of Pain.  Mauro agrees with Lita.

We take a look at the NXT Tag Title Match and a video package for the match.

Johnny says that a lot of fans were hoping they would get their chance in Brooklyn, but he cost them that match.  We see how the Revival forfeit their match due to an injury.  We then see The Revival cost Gargano and Ciampa in the tournament.  Tommaso says that the feeling after Brooklyn does not go away.  He says when they become the NXT Tag Team champions, you cannot take that away from them.  Johnny asks what does it mean if they never win.  Tommaso says Toronto is their last chance to be the face of NXT.

Charly asks if one team has an advantage.  Lita says that the Revival has dominated the division other than the time that American Alpha won the title.  She says The Revival got too overconfident.  Mauro says only one team has won the tag titles twice and that is the Revival.  They are the old school tag team.  He says that Gargano and Ciampa have become an incredible team.  

Mauro picks Gargano and Ciampa and Lita agrees.

We go to Dasha Fuentes in the crowd and she is with new fans chanting NXT.

We take a look at the NXT Championship match.

We see Samoa Joe attacking Shinsuke Nakamura at Full Sail and the events leading to the match becoming official.

Lita says that she believed that Joe had a change of heart, but Joe knows how to destroy people.  She says Joe is dangerous.  Mauro says that in trying to bully and intimidate Nakamura, Joe has brought that side out of Nakamura.

Lita picks Nakamura to retain.  Mauro says Nakamura will retain.

Tye Dillinger is in the back and he is walking.

We have a video package for his match with Bobby Roode.

Bobby says Tye begged him to be his partner, but he didn't want to be in the tournament.  Tye mentions he was in WWE in 2006.  We see his work in OVW and ECW.  He mentions that he lost a few matches and then he was released.  Tye says he spent five years getting back to WWE.  Bobby calls that pathetic.  Tye says this second chance was everything for him.  Bobby says Tye has done nothing in this business.  Tye says that he has been underrated, but he will rate himself.  Bobby says that Tye Dillinger will not outshine him or beat him.  Tye says the past does not matter.  It does not matter how Glorious Bobby thinks he is, he will get his ass kicked in Toronto.  Bobby will prove that Tye is a perfect loser.  Tye will fail miserably on the biggest night of his career.

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