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By Dave Scherer on 2016-11-19 12:04:00

James Ellsworth appeared for Big Time Wrestling in Altoona, PA last night and confirmed Mike Johnson's report that he has been signed full time to WWE.

Steven Fernandes reporting. ... WWE have released an Emoji app available on iOS and Android for $1.99.  For more information you can go to

On her Instragram page, Emma wrote the following about her injury:

"Six months ago today I couldn’t bend over to put my shoes on. I couldn’t lift my arms up to get dressed. I couldn’t hold my hand up to do my makeup. I couldn’t sit stand or walk without pain. I knew it was bad when I realized all these things weren’t going away and when the left side of my spine and neck started to constantly spasm.

It was even more scary finding out I needed surgery on my spine right away because the spasms and the weakness in my left arm were from nerve damage from the herniated disc pressing on my spinal cord. But in that instant all I could think was that I was lucky I wasn’t paralyzed!

Six months ago I had surgery and you can see the removed disc above. Today I stand here happy to say I’m fit and healthy. It was a crazy ride but I stayed positive, focused and determined to be better than before. After all, I didn’t move my life across the world and leave everything behind for nothing. I fully believe that everything happens for a reason and maybe I needed to fall back for a while away from the crowd so that I can come back and take that spotlight… And believe me I will!"

Alberto Del Rio and Paige were interviewed about the opening of his new restaurant in Texas.  You can watch the video below:


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