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By Mike Johnson on 2016-11-17 10:00:00

I saw WWE is already releasing information on the 2017 Survivor Series?  Why would they do this so far in advance?

They are going to ty and fill the Toyota Center in Houston four nights in a row next year, so the sooner the tickets are on sale, the more advance time they have for  their fans to want to spend money.  It's a smart strategy.  I see concerts that go on sale 7-9 months prior to the actual event.

Did NXT sell out the Garden?  If not, what does that say about the state of the brand?

It did not sell out the Theater in MSG, which is a 4,500 seat venue.   They also did not open all the sections in the Theatre.  What I think it says is that running a week night with one match announced, a week after a very expensive UFC in the same market, before being able to replenish the top of NXT after two of your most beloved acts (Finn Balor, Bayley) have been moved to the main roster may not have the best strategy.  They obviously have not replaced those two acts yet.  There are a lot of talents stars who are still being developed into draws.  I think they should have announced the entire card.  I think they needed a strong singles main event (although I understand why they did not, as they are trying to protect talents leading into Takeover).  I also think they would have been better served running Hammerstein Ballroom, if that venue was available, in this instance.

If Shane McMahon was sitting in the crowd last night, does that mean the WWE roster can all call him a mark behind his back?

Well, if he's a mark for having a fun tonight out with his sons, then more people need to be marks.  That term is outdated and asinine and anyone using it is as well.

Is the Undertaker returning for a limited run? His promo on Smackdown 900 left me with the impression that he is going to wrestle more than just at Wrestlemania.  Also, did WWE just tip their hand that Smackdown will lose at Survivor Series and the Undertaker will go after whoever is responsible for the team losing?

Yes, the implication was that he would be wrestling more often.  We will see how that progresses.  The line warning the Smackdown team certainly did seem to mean that Undertaker's fury would be focused on whoever failed the brand.

I was reading abiout Mick Foley being in a Stud Stable?  Who were this group?  Why did Foley leave it?

The Stud Stable where obert Fuller and Jimmy Golden, later known as Bunkhouse Buck.  They worked in Continental and Memphis.  In Memphis, Mick Foley and Gary Young were part of the group.  The team split after Foley and Young earned a Tag Team title shot.  Fuller and Golden wanted to take the shot instead, which Foley and Young refused.  Fuller and Golden attacked and bloodied them in a really good TV angle, leading to a feud between the two teams.

Aren't wrestling groups who book men vs. women, and in the case of Beyond, sometimes very physical wrestling, the last ones who should penalizing someone for alleged misognistic behavior?

Well, that certainly is one way at looking at it and I see that point.  At the end of the day, they made their decision and it's their right to run the company the way they see fit.   I think that publicly, the issue should have ended with EVOLVE and others involved should have quietly made their decisions, but they also were seeking to get in front of the story and not be stuck in between a divided, upset fan base over something that didn't even happen under their watch.

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