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By Mike Johnson on 2016-11-14 14:47:00

A number of readers have asked about WWE posting a video interview of Ring of Honor star and former ECW World champion Steve Corino online from his stint as a guest Coach at the WWE Performance Center, which if you haven't seen, I have embedded below:

It's interesting to see that WWE is posting and promoting the interview so hard, since they have never done that with any previous Guest Coaches.  A number of current WWE talents have taken to social media to push the interview online as well, including WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens.  This had led to us receiving a number of questions from readers asking if Corino could indeed be WWE-bound.

While we have not heard anything concrete, one would think that the push of the interview indicates there is interest.  Based on what we have heard from Ring of Honor sources, Corino is under contract to the company until at least the end of the year and as confirmed today by Kevin Kelly as being part of the English language New Japan Pro Wrestling Wrestle Kingdom broadcast.

Corino, 43, has never been under contract to WWE but did have a tryout in 2001 as an announcer.  He has worked all over the world and has been NWA, MLW and ZERO-ONE AWA champion as well. 

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