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By Kurt Zamora on 2016-11-12 01:39:00

The Certified G's (Big Sed & Lou Gotti Sterrett) defeated The Besties In the World (Davey Vega and Matt Fitchett) - Solid opener with two entertaining teams. TBITW are a really solid team especially. The Certified G's remain undefeated and called out Action Jackson after the match.

Jerome Daniels defeated Austin Theory - VIP debut for Theory and Daniels is easily one of the best pure wrestlers around. This was a really good match that saw Daniels squeak by with a win. Afterwards, AR Fox came out to tell Theory how proud of him he was, but then Lance Romance came out and convinced Theory to not stand in Fox's shadow and be his own man.

Graham Bell defeated Zero the Anti Hero and Kenny Steele - During the match, Nigel Rabid (Who is one of the greatest personalities in wrestling right now period) brought out his monster Colossus, who is easily somewhere in the neighborhood of 6'10" to 7 feet tall. He came out and destroyed Zero, who was then pinned by Bell. Nigel and Colossus wouldn't leave, so the promoter Keith Roberts said they would have the next match anyways, which led to...

Shane Taylor defeated Curt Stallion - Stallion was announced as the first entry in the ROH Top Prospect Tournament. After this match, I can see why. Colossus and Rabid left after Shane Taylor stood up to them. Shane Taylor is a massive man and Stallion is 185 pounds soaking wet. So believe me when I tell you how impressive it was that Stallion picked up Taylor on his shoulders not once, but twice. The second time he gave Taylor an AA that would make John Cena himself blush. Taylor delivered legitmately some of the hardest chops I've ever heard to Stallion. Taylor finally picked up the win and then Colossus came back to finish what was started earlier. This will be some battle in the future. This match borderline stole the show.

A.C.H defeated Donovan Dijak and Ricky Starks - Huge reaction for ACH returning as he's a former VIP Champion. It was great to see him back and he was as tremendous as ever. Dijak was good in his spots and Ricky Starks is a charismatic worker that I really enjoy. Tremendous finish with Dijak going for a moonsault, landing on his feet, only to be caught in a reverse hurricanrana by ACH, then after a sequence with Starks, landed the 450 Splash. Funny moment afterwards, ACH was handed a mic and he said, "Last time I was given one of these, we all know what happened." He said he would be at the next show next month.

Steve Anthony defeated Houston Carson - Anthony won with a handful of tights. Very hard hitting affair from two solid hands in the ring.

War Machine became the new VIP Tag Team champions after defeating Vet Club - Vet Club has my favorite gimmick, maybe in all of wrestling. It's just so simple but it works so well. This stared out as a brawl in the crowd, which was a lot of fun. Once in the ring, it was a solid match from all four, which saw War Machine win the titles and earn a chance to defend those titles next month against The Dudley Boys. There aren't many tag team dream matches out there anymore, but anyone that knows how much War Marchine can go in the ring, them vs The Dudleys is definitely one of those dream matches.

Keith Lee retained his VIP Title by defeating AR Fox, Sammy Guevara, and Willie Mack - This match was even better than it sounds. All four men were incredible in the match. Everytime I see Keith Lee in a match, he does something that surprises the hell out of me. This time, it was a tower of doom where he powerbombed AR Fox while he suplexed Guevara... However, Keith was able to hold both men up in a delayed powerbomb while Guevara was hanging in the suplex. I wish I could've gotten a photo of this. Willie Mack was incredible live and this match was just flat out great. Austin Theory came out to take out Fox, Guevara was left for dead after Lee's Spirit Bomb and then Willie Mack was taken out by a Fireman's Carry into a rotating powerslam. Impressive move.

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