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By Dave Scherer on 2016-11-08 10:00:00

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Should we forgive Hulk Hogan?

That is purely a personal decision.  My take is that I will not forgive him because he never properly said he was sorry nor did he show contrition for the remarks he made.  If he were to do that, I would accept it.  But to me, when you only kind of admit you did something wrong, and only after you were caught, it rings hollow to me.  I think if he did a real mea culpa, he could actually come out of it as a sympathetic figure.  I think it’s the move he should make.

With Survivor Series making the 20 year anniversary of The Rock's debut, do you see WWE using him on the show at all? I know no one is expecting a match or run in but more a MizTV kinda of deal with the anniversary being hyped pre show? I think it would be really cool and a classy move for all involved.

The Rock can come back to WWE whenever he wants to.  It’s his call.  With that said, if you can get him to appear, you make sure to promote it well in advance and sell Network subscriptions.  You don’t do it as a surprise, especially at a time when viewership is down.

Do you see Bobby Roode making it to the main roster? Once Bray Wyatt gets his eventual RKO then SDLive is really short of heels. Roode is a hell of a hand and could be the Kevin Owens of the brand?

I know he can handle it.  He’s a great worker and talker.  I would love to see him on the main roster.  It will just come down to whether Vince wants to bring him up or not.  Also, you need to remember that NXT is a touring brand as well.  They need top workers for that brand as well.

Don't you think that TNA kind of has a point when it comes to not wanting there show to air 4 days after it originally aired? I mean i know it is taped months in advance but at least for me it is easy to not see spoilers. But when you have to wait that long after most people have already saw it its not the most ideal situation.

No, I don’t.  I think the statement was beyond ridiculous.  I don’t believe for a second that is the reason they are ending on Challenge TV.  A company with money problems does not give up it’s second largest revenue source for such a ridiculous reason.  It just doesn’t happen.

In a recent Q & A, you mentioned that the India TV deal is TNA's highest source of revenue. Is is true they're in danger of losing it due to a condition that they must tour in India once per year, which they didn't do in 2016 (and I doubt they will with less than two months of the year left)?

I have wondered the same thing.  I can’t say right now but if it is a possibility, it’s something they better find the money to do.  They can’t afford to lose that one too.

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