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By Mike Johnson on 2016-11-01 11:19:00

It appears that the ACH situation we wrote about a few weeks back did not go without ripple effects after all as has confirmed from multiple sources that he is finishing up with the company.

ACH is currently signed to an exclusive deal but will not be signing another deal with the promotion.   There is always a possibility he will to be used down the line on a per-date basis, but we have heard that after the end of the year, the two sides will part company.  

It's been obvious for some time there is a rift.   Several weeks ago, ACH worked a pair of events, AAW's Jim Lynam Memorial events in Illinois and at one of the events, used the mic to make veiled comments that many believed were about ROH.  That upset a number of people in the ROH locker room that felt ACH was being disrespectful, especially since he wouldn't have been able to work the shows without getting permission from someone in ROH management.   To make it worse, one source believed ROH may have even handled transportation to get ACH to the event by bringing him to Chicago early (they were running Chicago days later), so it created a situation where ROH may have paid for a talent to travel to a show where he then knocked them.

ROH management met with ACH at the following set of ROH events, but there was no real word, until today, as to what fallout, if any, there was from the situation.   ACH obviously wanted out and ROH is obviously more than happy to let him leave once contractual obligations are completed. 

ACH has been with the promotion since 2012.  He's been touring with New Japan and given ROH's relationship there, it should be interesting to see if NJPW continues to utilize him once he and ROH end their relationship. 

At 28 years old, ACH also hits the age range that WWE looks at when it comes to signing talents for the NXT brand and there's been rumblings of interest in him in the past.  It should be interesting to see whether anytime comes of that when he's free and clear.

Note: I accidentally posted my first draft of the article.  That has been corrected and updated.

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