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By Andrew Twiss on 2016-10-21 01:02:00

Here are full results from NXT Live in Lakeland, FL on October 20, 2016.

Andrea D'Marco and Kayla Braxton are the hosts and ring announcers for the evening.
- Women's battle royal. Winner faces Asuka later in the evening for the NXT Women's Championship 
Order of elimination: 
- Macey (Estrella)
- Danielle Kamela
- Bianca Blair
- Aliyah
- Daria Berenato
- Liv Morgan
- Billie Kay
- Peyton Royce. 
Ember Moon is the winner. Peyton and Billie spent most of the match working as a team, protecting each other from eliminations and throwing out the others. They eliminated Morgan and then focused on Ember. Ember was able to eliminate Billie Kay, but Peyton Royce threw Ember over the top and on to the apron. Kay tried to grab Ember and pull her off, but Liv Morgan speared Kay, allowing Ember to get back in the match and eventually eliminate Royce for the win.
- Oney Lorcan def. Elias Samson - This was a pretty slow match. Most of it was Samson working headlocks, killing the crowd. Lorcan eventually got the upper hand, working over Samson's leg and locking in a single leg Boston crab for the win.
- Lince Dorado def. Brennan Williams - This is the first NXT singles match for Williams. The guy is huge, especially compared to Dorado, where there is a probably a 100 plus pound and over a foot in height's difference. The match itself was awkward. They seemed to have a hard time finding chemistry and a lot of their exchanges looked awkward. Dorado eventually got some fast paced offense in and hit a Shooting Star Press for the win.
- No Way Jose and Rich Swann def. Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli - A really enjoyable match and the first one to really get the crowd going. Swann and Jose were both getting the crowd hyped up, while Tino and Moss kept using their power and athletic ability to keep Swann grounded.
- Tye Dillinger def. Austin Aries - An Aries appearance isn't a regular thing for the Florida shows. Both of these guys are so smooth in the ring and know how to work the crowd into it too. Aries focused in on an elderly lady in the crowd who insulted him and kept jawing at her throughout the match. They kept working at a brisk pace and it was a good quality house show match. Aries tried to hit Tye's finisher, but Tye reversed it, hit the Tye Breaker and pinned him in the middle of the ring. After the match, Aries rolled from the middle of the ring to the ropes and put his foot on it, trying to trick the ref. It didn't work 
- Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa are introduced and come other to a huge ovation. They realize that it's the anniversary of their first appearance in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic.  Ciampa is disappointed, though, that Bobby Roode won't answer his calls and texts. He wants to do another glorious bomb. They have an idea though. They are going to do a live one with the crowd. Just as they're about to start, they're interrupted by The Patrick Clark Experience. Clark wants to be part of it since he's the next most glorious superstar and keeps glorifying himself. DIY responds by hitting the superkick/running knee combo 
- Sanity (w/ Eric Young and Nikki Cross) def. Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic - The full Sanity crew was here, including Eric Young. Weirdly enough, he was in his ring gear, despite not competing in a match. This had a hot crowd for it and great intensity. Both teams went out there to make a statement, and they did. This match didn't bog down or slow down in the middle. Sanity uses their wild offense, with constant strikes and attacks to keep things moving, and the crowd was into Tucker and Otis. Eventually though, the numbers game became too much, as Young distracted the referee allowing Nikki to sneak in and spray hairspray (or something similar) in Tucker's eyes. This allowed Fulton and Wolfe to hit their double team to win 
- Asuka def. Ember Moon to retain the NXT Women's Championship - Just a fun, athletic match. The crowd wasn't sure who to root for over the other. The athletic and in ring abilities of these two are so far ahead of anyone on the roster. One day, they will meet at Takeover and it will tear the house down.
The show, overall was enjoyable, but their was a major problem with it. On the NXT Twitter account, over the last couple of days, they noted that both Shinsuke Nakamura AND Samoa Joe would be appearing on this show, encouraging fans to buy tickets to see them. As you can tell from the results, they didn't appear. As of this writing, the tweets are still up, but no explanation was given to the fans as to why neither of them were on the show. I don't know if it was the intention, but it comes off as a bait and switch tactic to move a few tickets and it's not the first time they've done something similar for these Florida shows. If a talent isn't going to appear, don't advertise the day before that they will be there.
- Macey Estrella made her in ring debut during the opening battle royal. Estrella served as a US Marine before joining NXT. You may remember her as the woman who gave a personal, emotional speech during an episode of Breaking Ground during her tryout.
- This was the first singles match in NXT for Brennan Williams, the former New England Patriot and Booker T trainee.
- Kayla Braxton debuted as a new host and ring announcer for NXT. It was mentioned that she had done work in Orlando. I really don't have much on her background. 
- Meet and Greet before the show was: Angelo Dawkins, Dan Matha, and Oney Lorcan.

-Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cedric Alexander were advertised on the NXT brand's Twitter for the event but did not appear.

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