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By Mike Johnson on 2016-10-20 10:00:00

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I was at Raw on Monday and I could have sworn that I saw CHIKARA star RD Evans at the show, entering the venue.  Am I crazy or is he going to be wrestling for WWE?

RD Evans will not be wrestling for WWE, but was indeed at Raw as he's been working on the WWE Creative team for some time now.

Is Cedric Alexander competing on NXT on a regular basis as he is on RAW for its Cruiserweight Division?


With Lesnar-Goldberg coming up, Do you have Paul Heyman arrange a tuneup match for Lesnar and have it be against Gillberg?  I think the crowd would pop BIG!

I don't know that WWE has that planned, but it is a GREAT idea.

I'm planning my 8th wrestlemania. I know tickets normally go on sale the 1st or 2nd week of November but I will be out of the country.  Have you guys heard of any on-sale date so I can plan accordingly?

My guess is what WWE decided to push back the usual on sale to accomodate the Royal Rumble, since they are trying to fill the Alamodome.  I suspect that once we get past the Survivor Series, we will know more.

I've been watching lots of old footage on the Network recently and can't help but see what I would perceive as being "missed opportunities" in the industry for the 80's. I realize this is purely hypothetical and booking in hindsight, but imagine how much more money would've been drawn if Hogan vs Andre had many months to develop, or how big a star Kevin Von Erich would've been had he turned on his family, etc.. Over the years, what would say say were some of the biggest missed opportunities that could've been something huge?

I'd have to day the biggest missed opportunity in wrestling history was the WCW Invasion of WWE.  By not trying to bring in Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff, Goldberg, etc. to be part of that story, WWE missed on having an adversary that would have been seen as equal.  Shane McMahon's WCW fell off a cliff immediately, leading to WWE using ECW as part of the story and even then, after the first Invasion PPV, the entire thing was pretty much destroyed and limped along.  What it could have been is a shame when you think about it.  What was OK could have been amazing.

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