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By Mike Johnson on 2016-10-17 10:07:00

Last night in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, WWE star Paige slid in the ring following an Alberto El Patron match for the World Wrestling Council and proposed to El Patron, who agreed. 

All signs thus far is this was legitimate, so it should be interesting to see how WWE handles that announcement, since major events in the lives of members of the "Total Divas" cast are usually promoted through the news arm of cable network E!, which broadcasts the reality series.  The story has been picked up by a number of local newspapers in Puerto Rico already.

Paige discussed the engagment in an interview backstage at the WWC event:

The engagement is the latest twist in the relationship between the two that over the last year has seen an incident in Las Vegas, each of them being suspended by WWE within a day of each other, Alberto exiting WWE and an alleged knifing incident in San Antonio that has seen different versions of exactly what happened stated.

Based on statements Paige has made, she is slated for neck surgery this Wednesday.  She is currently serving her second WWE Wellness Policy suspension, one that WWE has stated was due to an illegal substance.

Alberto is in the process of a divorce from his current wife.

Thanks to Javier Rivera for the video footage and thanks to for the tip.


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