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By Mike Johnson on 2016-10-15 11:22:00

Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore debuted in Cleveland, Ohio last night, featuring the following results:

*The Underground Luchador (a masked Matt Striker) defeated Alex Reynolds with Benjamin Boone.  There was said to have had a lot of shenanigans with the crowd getting into them doing big spots from old WWF names.

*Facade defeated John Silver. 

*Kevin Thorne defeated Bull James.

*Candice LaRae defeated Jessica Havok with Marti Belle as guest referee,

*Team Tremendous & Swoggle defeated The NOW, Vic Dalishus & Hale Collins & Matt Justice with The Double Duprees Monique & Monet.  Bill Carr lost a loser leaves HOH bout but was still brought in as he had already been advertised.  He is now gone from HOH for one year.  Tremendous gave a farewell speech but were attacked by the heels, leading to Sandman's grand entrance making the save.

*Bob Holly defeated Sami Callihan.  Holly was said to have been in awesome shape.  Said to have been a great match.

*Matt Cross defeated Tony Nese.  Tommy Dreamer compared it to Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero and joked that it will soon be on every independent show and that he wanted a finder's fee.

 *In what was billed as the "First Ever No Politics No BS Just Wrestling Match" featuring a contracted TNA wrestler and a contracted WWE wrestler in the ring at the same time, EC3 defeated Tommy Dreamer and Rhino.  Lots of weapons.  Kevin Thorne hit the ring and joined EC3 in beating down Rhino and Dreamer.  Bully Ray/Bubba Ray Dudley made the save and closed the night doing a promo putting over HOH.


Tommy Dreamer wrote his own recap of the show on his Facebook page.  Dreamer has given us permission to reprint it and we have on Page 2.

The show was sold out, which Dreamer was absolutely thrilled about given there was a sold-out Cleveland Indians game, a minor league hockey game that drew 7,000 and President Obama was also in town, so the week of, you can imagine the worry about all the distractions in the city when you are about to debut.

Reny Amoras, who works independents in the NYC are as Katred handled the ring announcing.

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