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By Jenna Reyes on 2016-10-09 22:13:00

TNA Impact Wrestling taping - 10/9 evening taping results

*They noted these were the final Impact tapings of the year in Orlando and asked fans to sign up for a mailing list to learn about tapings in 2017.  That was strange.  Wouldn't we already know the same way we found out about these tapings?

*It was announced at the onset of the taping that Gail Kim has been "injured" and a new Knockouts champion will be crowned.

*Rosemary defeated Jade inside the Six Sides of Steel to crown the new Knockouts champion.

*There is a segment setting up The Hardy Boyz defending against the DCC.  The DCC attack Jeff Hardy. The lights go out and when they return, Matt Hardy is making the save and promises they will be deleted.

*Mahabali Shera & Al Snow defeat The Tribunal in a Double Indian Strap Match.

*A Thanksgiving Feast vignette airs.  Allie accidentally hits Maria with a pie to the face.  The idea was she was trying to hit Laurel Van Ness.  Maria says Allie is jealous of the relationship Laurel has with Braxton Sutter.  Allie is berated and finally snaps and slaps Maria.  Maria and the others beat her down and announce she has been fired as Maria's assistant.

*TNA Tag Team champions The Hardy Boyz defeat Bram & Eddie Kingston.

*There is a segment where TNA champion Eddie Edwards was called out by EC3, who warned him that he has failed twice to win the TNA title but will not fail again.

*It is announced that Allie will face Laurel Van Ness and if she wins, she will earn a TNA wrestler's contract.   Maria says Allie is untrained.  Allie says she has been training with Braxton Sutter.    Allie wins the match and the contract.   Maria went after Allie but tried to back off and run to the back, only to be grabbed and tossed back in the ring by Brandi Rhodes. 

*TNA Grand champion Moose comes out, showing off his title.  He won it during the afternoon taping.  Drew Galloway challenges him. Aron Rex comes out and says he is owed a rematch first....

*TNA Grand champion Moose defeated Aron Rex.

*It was announced that Matt Hardy has plans to outdo the Great War, Delete or Decay and The Final Deletion.  He announced a complete episode of Impact Wrestling at the Hardy Compound.    He says that King Maxell will make his debut and that the Hardys challenge any legendary team.   He called it Total Nonstop Deletion.   Shane Helms says Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett will take the challenge.  Decay arrives and says they will as well.

*Mandrews defeated Aiden O'Shea.

*TNA champion Eddie Edwards vs. EC3 ended in a no contest with a disputed finish as EC3 tapped as he had Edwards in a pinning combination.

*It is announced Rosemary will defend her title at Total Nonstop Deletion.

*One Night Only: James Storm pinned Robbie E.


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