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By Mike Johnson on 2016-10-02 19:26:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing TNA 2016 Bound for Glory PPV coverage, airing on all PPV providers and streaming on The Fite App from Orlando, Florida.

Well, they are on the air!

The opening of Bound for Glory was Broken Matt Hardy reading a bedtime story to young Maxell.  It was indeed, DELIGHTFUL.

Josh Mathews quipped, "Oh Bound for Glory, we knew you'd come."  Ha.

TNA X-Division champion DJ Z vs. Trevor Lee

They circled each other and locked up.  Lee muscled Z into the back but Ion escaped.  They quickly traded holds  Z took Lee over and Lee escaped to the floor, trying to break his early momentum.   When he returned to the ring, Lee took over with a series of right hands but was sent over with a hiptoss.  Z drilled him with a big dropkick and caught Lee in a hiptoss before cinching on an armbar.

Z maneuvered Lee into a pinfall combination before grabbing a front facelock.  Z used a springboard to keep him off balance,taking him down.  Lee nailed him and played to the crowd, leaving himself open for Z to nail a dropkick through the ropes.  He tossed Lee into the ring but Lee used the referee to prevent Z from hitting a springboard into the ring.  Lee cracked Z with a big boot, sending him to the floor.  Lee drilled him with a running kick to face while on the apron.

Lee ripped at Z and bit him on the face.  The crowd chanted for Z.  Lee scored with a series of forearms in the corner. Z whipped him into the corner but was kicked as he charged.  Z caught Lee with a flapjack.  Z ascended to the top but was caught with a forearm.   They battled on the top and Ion nailed a rana off the top onto Lee, who was on the ropes.   Z nailed a running back elbow and backdropped him.

Z nailed a springboard back elbow.  He set up for the ZZT but Lee saw it coming and rolled to the floor.  Z followed and nailed Lee, then nailed a great flip dive to the outside.  Lee nailed a tope suicida.  Ion nailed an awesome running springboard dive to the floor.  Z charged Lee, who caught him and elevated him over with the Collision Course powerslam for a two count.

Lee elevated Z on his shoulders but Lee nailed a reverse rana.  Z went for the ZZT but was nailed by Lee.  Lee nailed the rolling belly to back suplex for another two count.  They went back and forth until Lee nailed a double stomp.  Lee drilled him with a kick to the head for a two count.   Lee argued with the referee and grabbed him by the shirt.  Z came back with a Canadian Destroyer and a ZZT for the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division champion, DJ Z!

Good match.  Lots of cool athletic moves.

They showed TNA champion Bobby Lashley and his challenger EC3 earlier today.

McKenzie Mitchell was backstage interviewing Drew Galloway.  He said he doesn't feel good and it's a hell of a thing when a doctor tells you that a little to the left or the right and you'd be having surgery and be gone for a year and everything he worked for would be gone.  He said that he's had a hell of a career as Tag champion, Intercontinental champion and TNA champion and he got hurt.  He wanted to fight and TNA management told him no.  He said that the company told him no because he's a liability like he's a piece of office equipment.  He said that he asked for the match to be pushed back because he earned it and was told no.  Now he doesn't get to fight on the biggest show of the year when he's willing to fight.  He said that if Billy Organs' doctor told him not to play before the biggest tour of his career and Organ knew in his heart he could play, he would ignore the doctor.  Galloway then said that Organ was buying the company because he gets Galloway.  Galloway said he's not going to recognize the champion and stormed off.  It was a good promo.

Bound for Glory Gauntlet

We opened with Jesse Odder vs. Rock star Spud.   Odder had control early and pressed Spud, who slipped behind him and drilled Odder into the corner.   Spud choked him in the corner.

The next man out was Braxton Sutter.  He went right after Spud and drilled him again and again with rights.   He called Odder to help him.  They tried to toss Spud over the top but he was able to hang on.  Spud tried to shoulder block them down but they bounced off.   They both stomped Spud in the corner.

The next man was Eli Drake. Yeah, Dummy.    Drake got involved and was able to toss Braxton Sutter out.  Drake nailed a sidewalk slam on Odder.  The fans were doing the "Dummy, yeah" with each of Drake's moves.  That was pretty funny.

Entrant #5 is Robbie E.   He nailed a double clothesline on Drake and Spud.    He and Odder teamed up and then Robbie tried to toss his own partner over the top.  Even the announcers thought that was a bad idea. 

Baron Dax was the next man out.  Everyone battled.  The seventh man out was personal pick, Grado.  He did his strut to the ring and when he entered, was immediately tossed over the top to the floor by Spud.  Grado was shocked, then strutted to the back.  The crowd chanted, "Bullsh**" and they were right!

Basile from The Tribunal was next in.  He and Dax worked on everyone.  Spud wrapped his arms and legs around the bottom rope to protect himself from being tossed.  E and Basile battled on the apron and they both knocked each other to the floor.  Odder used his legs to pull Dax over the top to the floor.

The ninth man was last year's winner, Tyrus.  Tyrus splashed Drake in the corner.  He faced off with Spud, who hugged him like a long lost friend.  Spud gave him a thumbs up.  Tyrus gave him a thumbs down and that was all for Spud.

The final competitor, Mahalabali Shera.  Dave Scherer is cheering him on.  He went right up to Tyrus and shoved him.  Tyrus nailed him and nailed a back splash in the corner.  Shera fought right back.  He was going to slam Tyrus but Eli Drake nailed him.  Shera went after him and Drake dropped down and Shera went over the top to the floor.  Dave Scherer is not happy, folks.

Drake was tossed over the top by Odder but his feet hooked the bottom rope, saving himself.  Odder and Tyrus weren't away.  Tyrus caught Odder and nailed a fall away slam.  Tyrus tossed him over the top but Odder landed on the apron.  Odder nailed a springboard smash and worked at getting Tyrus over the top.  Drake slid back in and muscled Odder over.  He and Tyrus crashed to the floor.

Your winner, Eli Drake!

They said he has a guaranteed TNA title match but must declare a week in advance that he wants his title shot.

The match itself was fine for what it was.  Nothing over the top special but nothing wrong with it.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Robert Irvine backstage.  Irvine said it was a family affair as his kids were here and they were happy to see Gail being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame.  He said tonight he's Mr. Gail Kim.  Irvine said shes given her life to pro wrestling.  Maria and Mike Bennett showed up.  Maria said it was her night, not for Gail.  Irvine called Bennett a gorilla and predicted it would be a very bad night for each of them and walked off.  Borash whipped out the Mr. Furley eyes.  Maria cut a promo saying tonight was a night for miracles.  Bennett then cut a promo on Moose, saying he was hired for one job but he was too stupid to do it.  He said that Moose can do his chant all his wants, but at the end of the night, all people will remember is what the Miracle accomplished.

Moose vs. Mike Bennett

They gave Moose a big entrance with The West Orange High School Football team, who Josh Mathews identified as regional champions.    Bennett was playing coward early, trying to run away.  Moose gave chase but was caught with a series of stomps.  Bennett's offense didn't last long as he nailed high dropkick.  Moose teased a dive but Bennett got out of the way.  Bennett hit a flip dive over the top to the floor.

Bennett worked over Moose on the floor and sent him into some ringside chairs and the barricade.  Bennett went for a bodypress on the floor but was caught and tossed into the ringpost.  Ouch.  The crowd was really into chanting for Moose.  Bennett backdropped Moose onto the ringside stairs.  Moose was so big he almost crashed headfirst into the stairs before he could even do the full rotation.

Bennett worked over Moose back in the ring.  He nailed several low dropkicks and chopped him in the corner.   Bennett began working over his leg, focusing his attack on Moose's leg.   Moose fought to his feet and went for a suplex but was hurt.  Bennett drilled him in the leg and Moose went back down.  Moose fought back.

Moose came back with a headbutt to the chest and nailed a big elbow in the corner.  He elevated and powerbombed Bennett for a two count.    Moose nailed a clothesline for a two count.  Moose was smashing at his own knee to get feeling back into it.  Bennett went to the top but Moose grabbed him by the throat.  Bennett raked his eyes and nailed a tornado DDT.  Bennett spiked him with a piledriver but Moose kicked out.

Bennett drilled Moose.    Moose fired back with right hands.  Moose came back with a move off the ropes but was nailed with a cutter off the ropes for another two count.  Moose came back with a discus clothesline for the pin.

Your winner, Moose!

Decent back and forth match.

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