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By Andrew Twiss on 2016-09-30 23:22:00

Here are full results from NXT Live in Orlando, FL on September 30, 2016. 

Charly Caruso is the hostess and ring announcer for the evening.

- The show is opened with Charly Caruso bringing William Regal out. He takes a moment to thank the fans for supporting NXT and making it what it is today. It was a nice moment to see him appear and he got a huge ovation for his appearance 

M&G: Patrick Clark, Noah Potjes, and Billie Kay

- 15 man Batyle Royal:

Order of Elimination  

- Patrick Clark (everyone ganged up on him at the start)

- Tino Sabbatelli 

- Brennan Williams

- Dallas Harper

- Oney Lorcan

- Niko Bogojevic

- Tucker Knight

- Angelo Dawkins

- Kenneth Crawford

- Gabriel Ealy

- Uriel Ealy

- Bin Wang

- Babatunde

 Final two: Dan Matha eliminates Adrian Jaoude to win. Jaoude, the smaller man, put up a fight at the end, but couldn't overcome the size of Dan Matha. 

- Andrade Cien Almas def. Lince Dorado - Solid work from both men. It was a friendly match early, until Almas took advantage of a handshake to sneak attack Dorado. After that, Almas worked much more aggressive. The match was much less focused on dives, and more on solid strikes, until Almas hit a modified DDT for the win.

- Daria Berenato def. Mandy Rose - Decent work out of both. Mandy controlled most of the match until Daria got the comeback and the win. It was decent and both looked good in the ring. 

- Riddick Moss def. Cedric Alexander - A surprise win for Moss, who used a roll up and hooking the tights. The was a match all about Cedric fighting from underneath the power of Moss. Cedric would hit some wicked chops or punches, but every time he went for a flying move, Moss would catch him. Crowd loved Alexander, and Moss was good at getting the crowd to hate him.

- Hideo Itami def. Wesley Blake - This went on too long without much happening. Considering the talent in the ring, it should have been better. Blake spent most of the match working the arm of Hideo over, but it just devolved into a series holds and the crowd was getting restless. Hideo eventually got the crowd back with a GTS and a win.

Of note: Nikkan Lee, an official from Big Japan Wrestling who is here on a WWE tryout, officiated this match. I believe this would make her the first female referee for an NXT match that wasn't a regular in ring talent working as a guest ref.

- Sanity (Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe w/Nikki Cross) def. TM61 - Mixed crowd reactions. TM61 still gets decent reactions, but Sanity is starting to win people over. The match itself was pretty good, with Sanity using their power advantage to keep Shane Thorne grounded. Miller got the big tag and cleared house, but Cross provided enough of a distraction for Sanity to double team Miller and get the win. 

- Asuka def. Billie Kay  (w/ Peyton Royce) - Before the match, Peyton called her and Billie best friends and mocked Liv Morgan. Billie hen said she will show people what a champ really looks like. The match itself was fine. Just decent. Peyton interfered a couple of times, but Asuka wasn't able to clear her out and then roll Billie into the Asuka Lock for the win. 

- Shinsuke Nakamura, Tye Dillinger, and No Way Jose def. Buddy Murphy and The Authors of Pain - Really fun match. 

The early part of the match was all comedy. Buddy Murphy got right in Jose's face and yelled "No more dancing"!! Jose responded by stomping on each of Murphy's feet. As Murphy squirmed around, Jose danced to Murphy's pain. Murphy got angry and wanted Dillinger in the ring. Dillinger did the usual snap mares, cartwheel, 10 sequence to rile Murphy up. Dillinger then stomped on each of Murphy's hands. As Murphy opened and closed his fingers to get the feeling back, he was unknowingly doing the "10" gesture and Tye joined him. Nakamura was then tagged in. He again attacked Murphy's hands. As Murphy was shaking them out, he was doing Nakamura's hand gesture, so Nakamura joined in. Nakamura then backed Murphy into the ropes and kicked Murphy's leg out. This left Murphy in the "YeaOh" pose, so Nakamura ran to the other rope to join in. It was amazing and the crowd loved it. 

The match turned when The Authors of Pain got involved. They beat No WAY Jose down with brutal elbows, kicks, punches and bear hugs. They worked Jose over for several minutes. Eventually, Dillinger and Nakamura got in to save the day. Nakamura wound up finishing Murphy off with the Kinshasa to send everyone home happy 


- As noted earlier, Nikkan Lee was the first regular female referee to work a match for NXT. Besides the Blake/Itami match, she also officiated the Asuka/Billie Kay match.

- All of the performers in for a tryout this week were in attendance. 

- The battle royal marked the NXT debut for three performers:

    - Bin Wang: The first Chinese talent signed to NXT.

    - Brennan Williams: A former NFL offensive lineman and was originally trained at Booker T's school.

    - Babatunde Aiyegbusi - A 6'9" former NFL tackle for the Minnesota Vikings. 

- Meet and Greet before the show was: Billie Kay, Patrick Clark, and Noah Potjes 

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