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By Mike Johnson on 2016-09-30 20:26:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Ring of Honor All Star Extravaganza 2016 from Lowell, MA at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium.   The PPV will air on all PPV providers and will stream on The Fite App (which you can use to stream from your phone to your TV via a Roku Box). 

The PPV started with a great video featuring the ROH stars talking about destiny and being all stars.  It closed with ROH champion Adam Cole declaring he was "THE star."

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino welcomed everyone to the PPV and ran down the lineup for the main events.

My stream on the Fite App is PERFECT by the way.  I am streaming it to my HD TV via my Roku and it's as good as if I had ordered the show via traditional PPV means.

ROH TV champion Bobby Fish vs. Dijak with Prince Nana

Dijak was accompanied by the New England Wrestling Academy, with Kelly noting they helped prepared him for the match.  Big "Dijak" chant early in his hometown market.    The Academy had a flag for him and everything, similar to UFC entrances and ring introductions.

They shook hands but they didn't break.  Fish stepped up on the ropes to go face to face with Dijak.  Fish tested him early with a kick to the legs.    Fish jawed he was going to take out Dijak's spindly legs.  He went for a high cross bodyblock but was caught and drilled with several knees.  Fish slipped out and locked in a choke.  He broke it and drilled Dijak in the corner with a running knee but was caught with a discus boot for a two count.    He followed up with several other pinfall attempts.

Dijak kicked away at Fish in the corner.   Dijak grabbed Fish and lifted him for a suplex, releasing the TV champion and sending him across the ring for another two count.  Dijak channeled his best Chris Hero, utilizing a cravate to wear down Fish.  Fish scored with several knees and kicks to the legs to force a release and Dijak grabbed at his leg.  Fish shoulderblocked him back into the corner.  Fish drilled him with a running smash and followed up with a high knee in the corner.

Fish used a dragonscrew legwhip and locked in a kneebar.  Dijak was able to break it and did his finisher, The Feast Your Eyes, a Torture Rack into a knee, but began selling that he hurt his knee with the move.  It was the same knee that Fish had been working on earlier.   Fish was able to get his foot on the ropes to break the pinfall.  The crowd thought that might have been the finish.

Dijak began climbing to the top on his bad leg and missed a twisting moonsault off the top.  Fish and Dijak battled back and forth.   Fish rolled Dijak into another kneebar.  Dijak was able to make the ropes.  He went for Feast Your Eyes but Fish slid over his back and cinched in a rear naked choke.  Dijak tried to battle out but was trapped on the mat.  The referee ruled Dijak couldn't defend himself and called for the bell.

Your winner and still ROH TV champion Bobby Fish!

Match was decent but I don't think ever got out of first gear.  Some of the transitions were really good on the mat though.  You could feel the crowd sort of lose their energy when Dijak lost as they were BIGTIME behind their hometown guy.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino previewed the four way tag bout.  They noted Nigel McGuinness would join them later.

Cary Silkin was sitting ringside with Bobby Cruise.    Always nice to see him still popping up.

All Night Express vs. Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana vs. War Machine vs. Shane Taylor & Keith Lee for future ROH Tag Team championship.

Caprice Coleman began cutting a promo saying the Cabinet was protesting the Code of Honor and they were going to kneel.  War Machine began brawling with Lee and Taylor.  All Night Express did a dive to the outside.  Cabana and Castle teased one but instead played to the crowd.  Caprice Coleman joined the announcers.

Kenny King and Raymond Rowe officially started.  King teased tagging into Taylor and Lee but drilled Rowe instead.  The idea was that War Machine was so focuse on Lee and Taylor, they were leaving themselves open to the others.  Titus and Castle tagged in and faced off. Cabana and Castle doubleteamed him.  Cabana nailed some clubbering elbows, leaving the dazed Titus to be nailed with a belly to back suplex for a two count.  After a series of quick tags, Cabana and Castle ended up against each other, which made NO sense.  They teased facing off.  Castle then went down to the mat and Cabana covered him but everyone else broke it up.

War Machine and Taylor and Lee brawled on the floor.  Titus nailed a big splash off the ropes for a two count on Castle.  Lots of frenzied action.  Keith Lee's strength was spotlighted and boy he is a frightening man.  That the set up Castle hitting a big belly to back suplex on him to show how strong Castle is.  Keith Lee then hit a big flip dive to the floor on everyone, which was even more scary.  Hanson then did a big flip off the top rope to the floor.  They missed it live as they were showing a replay but then showed that move as a replay.

Back in the ring, Castle scored the pin on Titus with the spinning facefirst whirlybird.

Your winners and new top contenders for the ROH Tag Team championship, Dalton Castle and Colt Cabana!

Entertaining bout with some fun action, almost too much at times as the cameras missed a few moments.  Castle and Cabana together are dynamite.  Keith Lee is a star caliber and Shane Taylor moves great for a guy of his size.  Good stuff.

Nigel McGuiness joined the announcers and admitted making the Ladder War might be something he regrets, he felt it had to be done.  He said the Tag belts will be around two men's waist tonight.

Dragon Lee vs. Kaimatachi

Kaimatachi came out carrying the mask he previouisly lost to Dragon Lee as a way for the announcers to give some background on the feud.  Lee's shoulder is all taped up.

Lee offered his hand.  Kaimatachi charged out but was caught with kicks and chops.  Lee knocked Kaimatachi to the floor and hit a nice suicide dive.  Kaimatachi caught him with a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor, then pulled him up and powerbombed him again to the floor.  He followed up with a running dropkick off the apron to the floor.  He grabbed Lee and rudely tossed him over the barricade into the floor.  He worked over Lee on the floor with chops and then rossed him back into the ringside area.  Kaimatachi dove back into the ring ringside with a dropkick.  Kaimatachi is looking great so far.

Back in the ring, Kaimatachi covered Lee for a two count.   Kaimatachi went for a move but Lee nailed a dropkick, sent Kaimatachi to the floor and then hit a big flip dive over the top to the floor.  The crowd is loving the highspots early.  Lee came back and set up Kaimatachi, who was hanging off the apron outide, and drilled him off the ropes with a nasty doublestomp.

Lee worked over Kaimatachi in the corner and went for another doublestomp but missed.  He rolled through and was caught with a dropkick.  Lee rolled to the outside and nailed a back senton splash off the top onto Lee, who was in a standing position.   The referee counted them both out but they each returned at the 19 count.  They battled back and forth.  Lee nailed a standing rana but Kaimatachi rolled through.  Lots of near falls.  You can hear the crowd is enjoying it.

Lee drilled Kaimatachi in the corner with a hard chop.  They battled in the corner.  Kaimatachi used a twist into a forward roll bomb for a two count.  Lee caught Kaimatachi with an awesome German suplex.    Really good back and forth action.   Lee snapped on a Fujiwara armbar and maneuvered that into another submission.   Kaimatachi was able to escape to the outside but was hit with a leaping rana over the ropes to the floor.  Just killer stuff.

Lee nailed a Northern Lights suplex, then another, then powered Kaimatachi into a brainbuster for a two count.   Kaimatachi caught Lee during a Phoenixplex attempt and turned it into a Canadian Destroyer for a two count.   Lee avoided being smashed into the buckles and chopped Kaimatachi.   Lee worked him over and nailed another double stomp off the ropes.  Lee went for a powerbomb but it was turned into a Code Red.  Kaimatachi nailed a DVDR into the buckles.   Lee caught him with a leaping knee to the face. 

Lee nailed the Phoenixplex, which looked NASTY, and scored the pin.  Kaimatachi looked like he was dropped on the top of his head.

Your winner, Dragon Lee!

Really fun match.  Lee and Kaimatachi were positioned similar to Super Crazy and Tajiri in ECW, just international rivals who go all out with good athletic matches trying to beat the others.  ROH could turn the feud into an attraction if they have the chance to take it around to different markets.  Just a nutty match.  My favorite match thus far.

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