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By Mike Johnson on 2016-09-30 10:00:00

I really like Ring of Honor but has there been a booking change?  I feel like a lot of the character development outside of what happens in the ring has slowed down and the wrestling feels very similar to the week before and the week after.  Any insight?

Hunter "Delirious" Johnston remains the booker.   No major changes there.

Are any couples in wwe that aren't on total divas/bella's together now after the split?  Paige and add were split, Cass and carmellas, we don't know where emma is going for sure, but looks more likely raw at this point.  Do you think this was done on purpose? Seems too coincidental.

I don't think WWE is seeking to break up every couple on their roster, if that is what you are asking.  I think the company placed talents where they felt they were needed.

If Dixie decides to sell TNA to WWE because she doesn't have the means to put on the Bound for Glory PPV or the next round of TV tapings, what happens? Will WWE the be on the hook to fulfill those contractual obligation's? Or does everything halt because of the sale? WWE purchases TNA for the video Library and not to run it as a company.

If the company is sold and WWE doesn't want to produce a final show, then it's over.  There was only a final WCW episode because Turner Broadcasting was going to produce it before the sale.  After that, it was over.  WWE would not buy the company to take on it's debt and obligations.  They would shut it down and take the assets they wanted.   If Dixie Carter sells to WWE, that means she has tossed in the towel.  If she's tossing in, then there's no additional shows.

Gun to your head - does the Bound for Glory PPV take place?

It all depends on Dixie Carter and what deals she makes/ has made.  I don't know to be honest.  Guess you are going to have to shoot me.  I hope you have aim like an Imperial Stormtrooper though.

Was Jim Cornette managing Mantaur a rib on him?

I am sure at the time, he probably thought it was.

I am watching some old WCW TV and there was a guy named the Minotaur.  Who was that?

Steve Strong, who had worked the Stampede territory.  He didn't last long in WCW.




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