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By Stuart Carapola on 2016-09-29 22:04:00

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

We go right to the ring where Jeremy Borash welcomes us to the show, informs us that Lethal Lockdown tonight will set the stage for this weekend's title match at Bound For Glory, introduces each of the captains (Ethan Carter III and Bobby Lashley), and gives them the chance to tell us who their team members are.  Lashley chose Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett, and Maria Kanellis-Bennett, while EC3 took Aron Rex, Moose, and Gail Kim.  EC3 says that Bobby Lashley is everything he says he is, but he's the man people call when the most dominant TNA World Champion of all time needs to get his ass kicked.  EC3 has to win and he will win at Bound For Glory, but Lashley says that EC3 fought many men in this ring before and beat many of them, but Lashley is different than those guys.  He can hurt EC3, and nobody's stepped in the ring with him before who could hurt him.  There'll be no more EC3 after Bound For Glory, and he needs to think of that before they face off.  EC3 says he already thought about it, and at Bound For Glory, he's coming with everything he has because he needs to win.  Lashley tells him to just bring it and starts to leave, but EC3 has another challenge before he goes: he challenges Lashley to be the first man in the ring with him, alone.  Lashley says to be careful what he wishes for, and says he's in.

Josh and Pope welcome us to the show, and then we see Eddie Edwards and DJ Z backstage, and they're...WALKING!

X Division Title Match: DJ Z vs Eddie Edwards

Feeling out process to start, then they do a back and forth that ends with Eddie hitting a series of chops.  DJ Z hits a lucha armdrag that sends Eddie to the floor, then takes him out with a somersault dive.  They head back in the ring where DJ Z hits a springboard elbow out of the corner and sets for the ZDT, but Eddie blocks it and dumps DJ Z to the floor, then wipes him out with a dive.  Eddie rolls DJ Z inside and hits a backpack driver for 2, blocks a flying headscissors, but DJ Z whips him over on a second attempt for 2.  Eddie gets DJ Z down and goes for a top rope double stomp, DJ Z moves and counters the Boston Knee Party to the ZDT for the win.

Winner: DJ Z

Really good match!  They hug and Eddie raises DJ Z's hand after the match, then Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett run in and attack both men after the match and post DJ Z, then give Eddie a drop toehold into the knee.

Maria is backstage primping at Allie tries to apologize for last week, but Maria says she messed everything up.  Bound For Glory better be perfect unlike last week, and she wants an apology right now.  Allie apologizes like three times, then Laurel comes in and does kissy cheeks with Maria, who gloats over how awesome Laurel is and how stupid Allie is.  Maria tells Allie to go to the ring and announce her, and she better not mess this one up.

Josh is in the ring before the show for a sitdown interview with Mike Bennett and Moose.  Josh asks Mike to talk about the beginning of their friendship, and Mike says he thought Moose knew teamwork, and he paid him to do a job and Moose wouldn't do it.  Moose has played football all the way up to the pros, and the one constant is egotistical bastards like Mike Bennett, and they tie guys like that around the goalpost to teach them a lesson.  Bennett says Moose needs to realize he's not playing football anymore, this is wrestling, and after he beats him at Bound For Glory, nobody's going to be doing his moose chant ever again.  Moose is going to give Bennett a one way trip to hell, and Bennett tells Moose to look him in his eyes.  Moose stands up and goes face to face with Bennett, who says he is the toughest man in the world to beat, and after he beat the unbeatable EC3, nohting Moose does can scare him.  Moose says that after he finishes with Bennett at Bound For Glory, everyone's going to be chanting his name.

Madison Rayne vs Laurel Van Ness

Okay, guess I misspelled her name a few weeks ago.  Allie introduces her, and the bell rings to start us off.  Madison quickly knocks Laurel out to the floor, where she demands that Allie powder her up before she went back in the ring.  Madison used her speed to outmaneuver Laurel, but was knocked to the floor where Laurel rams her into the ring apron.  Laurel covers for 2 when they go back inside, then backhands her in the mouth and chokes her on the ropes.  Laurel slams Madison and covers her with her boot for 1, then Madison gets a series of rollups for 2.  Laurel goes to the eyes and hits a leaping curb stomp for the win.

Winner: Laurel Van Ness

Allie cuts off Jeremy Borash and announces Laurel as the winner, but mispronounces her name, so Laurel forces her to do it over.

Team Lashley are backstage, and Lashley says he knows they're not friends, but this is a big match, so he promises one of them will get the first shot at his title if they win.  Bennett asks who it will be, and Lashley says it'll be whoever takes out EC3.

Drew Galloway is in the ring with the Grand Championship Title belt, and Drew asks Aron Rex to come join him in the ring.  Drew tells Rex that they're the future of the history, but to look to the future, they have to look to the fast.  There were cracks in TNA's foundation when he got here, and TNA needed a hero and it was him.  He put in the footwork to make this the best wrestling show on television, and he tells the wrestlers and're welcome.  Rex can't believe that Drew thinks he's the only reason TNA is the place to be, and tells him to Galloway up.  Drew asks what that means, so Rex says Galloway is a 6'5", greasy-haired piece of crap.  Drew should slap him for saying something like that, and he's proven nothing.  Drew has won titles around the world, he was the TNA World Champion, and he worked in companies where big guys usually don't work because he is that good, and he wants Rex to address him as sir.  Rex said it's not going to the judges Sunday because he's going to beat him...sir, 6'5" greasy-haired piece of crap.  Drew says Rex makes a hell of a stunt guy, but there can be only one this Sunday, and that one is gonna be Drew Galloway.  They get in each other's faces and security comes to separate them.  Sure enough, they start brawling and Drew flattens Rex with a piledriver, then picks the belt up and looks right into it with a crazy smile on his face and holds it up over Rex's motionless form.

Decay is backstage, and Rosemary says they'rethe most powerful force in this world and the next.  Abyss says there are consequences for trying to take things from them, and the Hardys will find that out in the GREAT WAR.  Rosemary says everyone who has crossed them has learned, and Crazzzzzzy Steve says he can't wait to shatter the Broken Hardys into a million pieces, and none of their soldiers will ever be able to put them back together...even Reby.  Not even precious Maxel will be able to recognize her when they get done with her.

We see a video of the Decay-Hardy feud, then we go to the ring for our next match...

Rosemary vs Reby Hardy

Reby takes Rosemary down with a spear, then rams her into the corner and bashes her head into the turnbuckle over and over, then does it some more, then Rosemary takes Reby down with a clothesline.  Rosemary gets on top of Reby, screams in her face, and fires forearms right into her chest before choking her.  Rosemary licks Reby's face, and Reby tries to take a swipe at Steve and Abyss, but they move out of the way and Rosemary goes back on the offense with knees to the midsection.  Reby dodges a charge and hits a running spinkick in the corner, gets a rolling snapmare, and a kick to the face.  The Hardys lead the fans in a DELETE chant as Reby continues unloading on Rosemary, Rosemary tries to run but runs right into the Hardys, allowing Reby to hit a Twist of Fate and make a cover...but Crazzy Steve distracts the referee.  Reby goes to yell at Steve, but turns around into a faceful of mist from Rosemary, and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Reby Hardy by DQ

A big brawl breaks out, leading all the way to the back and to the fateful staircase where the Broken Hardys got their start so many months ago.  Rosemary sets up a table on the floor, then gives Reby a Side Effect off the apron and through the table.  Rosemary gets a mic and does DECAY DECAY DECAY.

We go backstage with JB, EC3, Lashley, and Earl Hebner, who is flipping the coin to determine who has the advantage in Lethal Lockdown.  Surprise surprise, the heel wins.  EC3 tells Lashley he can't wait to see him out there first, and Lashley says he can't wait to be there.

We come back from commercial, as the cameras continued to follow the Decay-Hardy brawl, with Steve laying Jeff out with a chair and gouging his eyes as Matt kicks Abyss in the ding ding and bashes him with a steel ladder, then repeatedly rams the ladder down into Abyss' ribs as he lay on the floor.  Matt asks if Abyss can hear the symphony in his head, then bites his ear bloody.  Meanwhile, Steve sneaks back up on Jeff, lays him out with a chair, then unloads about a dozen punches before giving him a chair necktie and ramming him into a lamp post.  Meanwhile, Matt is still beating Abyss up, but he stops to talk about how glorious this all is and gives Abyss the opportunity to yank a live power cable out of a generator and electrocute Matt with it, complete with computer-generated electric bolts all over Matt.  It ends with All three members doing DECAY DECAY DECAY.

We see another promo for CODY...who arrives at Bound For Glory.

Now were backstage with the new chick TNA hired like four months ago for a sit down interview with Gail Kim and Maria.  Maria corrects the interviewer chick and says her name is Maria Kanellis-Bennett, and she's the greatest Knockouts Champion ever.  Gail says she can't stand the fact that Maria actually believes this crap, and after nine months, she can't wait to get her hands on Maria.  Maria says this isn't a wrestling company, it's an entertainment company, and Maria is a starmaker.  Gail says this isn't about stars, she's taking that title back and there's going to be nowhere for Maria to hide.  Maria says she always finds a way, and at Bound For Glory, she's going to kick Gail's ass.

Tyrus is backstage saying that winning the title shot last year at Bound For Glory was the biggest win in his career, but bad business decisions kind of ruined that.  Eli Drake comes in and tells Tyrus that he has a big business proposition, and he saw what Tyrus did for EC3 and Matt Hardy, and he'll pay to get Tyrus to do the same for him.  Tyrus says he solves problems, the only problem is his next ass whuppin' is going to be on Eli Drake, and that one's on the house...YEAH!

EC3 is backstage with Gail, Moose, and Aron Rex, and he thanks all of them for taking the risk and being on his team.  He gives them all a big pep talk, then we have a video package of EC3 and Lashley, and then it's main event time!

Lethal Lockdown: Ethan Carter III, Aron Rex, Moose & Gail Kim vs Bobby Lashley, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis-Bennett-Dando-Reznor-Bon Jovi

Lashley comes out to start the match with EC3...then changes his mind and sends Bennett to the ring instead.  Bennett gets some offense, but then EC3 takes over and unloads with a series of chops in the corner.  EC3 misses a Stinger Splash and eats a big boot from Bennett.  Bennett connects with several more big boots, then drills EC3 with a spinebuster.  EC3 finally runs Bennett over with a series of clotheslines and connects with his second Stinger Splash attempt and a flapjack.  EC3 hits the TK3 as the clock counts down and Drew Galloway joins the fray with yet another big boot to the grill of EC3.  Drew and Bennett double team EC3 as we go to commercial.

We come back just as the clock counts down to the entrance of Aron Rex, who runs to the ring and cleans house on both Drew and Bennett.  He rams a series of kneelifts and a neckbreaker to Bennett, then takes Drew down and they roll around trading punches.  EC3 is back up and they double team Drew, then whip him into Bennett as the clock counts down and Bobby Lashley runs down to the ring and starts DESTROYING all three members of Team EC3.  Bennett gets right in EC3's face and yells, "How's it feel, Ethan?  How's it feel?" as Lashley grinds his boot into EC3's face.  Now the clock counts down to Moose's entrance, and he comes in and cleans house.  He unloads on everyone, then runs to the top rope and wipes Drew and Bennett out with a crossbody before outbrawling Lashley.  Team Lashley takes back over as the clock counts down to the entrance of the Knockouts Champion, Maria Kanellis-Bennett.  She walks down to ringside and says she's staying on the floor because she's not ready yet.  That's fine with her teammates, who continue to destroy Team EC3.  EC3 tells Maria to stay at ringside as Rex snap suplexes Drew and then gouges his eyes.  Finally we count down one last time and Gail Kim SPRINTS dowm to ringside and starts chasing Maria around ringside, finally catching her at the bottom of the ramp, then throws her into the case and follows her in.  Bennett tries to block Gail, but EC3 takes him out, Maria escapes the cage, and Gail chases her up the ramp as we go to commerical one more time.

We're back, and the weapons are now in play.  Team Lashley is making good use of them in laying EC3 out, and Lashley huddles the troops as EC3 flips Lashley off, and they take turns hammering EC3 with weapons until Rex and Moose recover enough to intervene.  Now Moose and Rex get Lashley down and, along with EC3, prepare to unload on Lashley in much the same way until Bennett drops EC3 with an Ace Crusher, lays Rex out, but then gets laid out by Moose.  Drew plants Moose with the Future Shock DDT, Rex lays Drew out with...something, then Lashley spears Rex.  He takes too long making a cover and EC3 breaks the cover.  It's finally down to Lashley and EC3, and EC3 gets the advantage with a series of clotheslines.  He rams Lashley back and forth from one side of the cage to the other, then bodyslams him into the cage as well.  EC3 gets ahold of a kendo stick and hammers Lashley in the ribs of the helpless champion, over and over, until Lashley literally collapses to the mat.  EC3 hits a TK3, but Lashley spears EC3 out of nowhere and quickly gets the Anaconda Vice.  EC3 gets the rope, but that won't break the hold in Lethal Lockdown, and EC3 passes out and the referee stops the match.

Winners: Team Lashley

Great match with a great finish, and now Lashley gets a mic and says he told EC3 that his team would dominate his, and now he gets to pick the stipulation.  EC3 fought people who could beat him, but not someone who could hurt him, and Lashley says the stipulation will be No Holds Barred.

That does it for this week, thanks for reading the Impact Wrestling Report here on, and I'll be back on Sunday to discuss Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

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